There are ample reasons why a need for medical repatriation may arise. Because time is an important element in medical services, many critical patients would need a quick transfer to the hospital for survival. If the voyage is pre-planned, opting for a scheduled flight is an economical alternative. The patient will be accompanied by qualified medical paramedics such as Doctors, nurses, etc. if the need arises, their intervention can be instrumental. At AeroMed, we provide various options for medical repatriation such as commercial flight or air ambulance. All of our services are designed for keeping in mind the well being and safety of the patients.

Repatriation accompanied by a medical escort

The patient will be accompanied by a team of specialized doctors and professionals inside the flight. Our charters and air ambulances are well equipped with advanced life support equipment such as Ventilators, oxygen tanks, Infection protection sets, Machines for measuring blood pressure, body temperature, etc which allows the doctors to act appropriately as per the situation. Though in the case of commercial flights, medical repatriation is generally carried out in business class, it is also available in economy class. For patients who are mobile but not very strong, traveling accompanied by medical professionals is safer than traveling alone.

At Aeromed, we have made it our mission to save the patient’s life. The selection process of medical professionals is done thoroughly. We look for their professional qualification, work experience to ensure that they are suited for the job. Our support team at different locations are in constant touch with the family members during the transit. For example- If someone books a medical repatriation service from AeroMed Delhi, our support team of air ambulance service in Delhi will remain in constant touch with the family till a successful medical repatriation.

Medical Repatriation on commercial stretcher

Aged patients who’s mobility are limited but are otherwise fine can consider transferring on a stretcher on an air ambulance or commercial flight for ease in travelling. At AeroMed, we have a global presence and we offer a wide range of services at different routes. We offer a wide range of medical repatriation services on many flight routes across India and internationally. We have tie-up with several commercial airlines in order to accommodate commercial stretcher services.

However, medical repatriation in commercial stretcher services requires coordination with airlines and thus requires 1-3 days to finalize arrangements. When availing AeroMed’s medical transport facilities,  rest assured your safety is our primary concern.

Our medical repatriation in stretcher includes the following

  • Bed to bed transfers
  • Constant communication between patient/family members and our staff facilitating the services
  • Custom and immigration in case of international travel
  • Clearance from appropriate governments
  • Required medical assistance
  • Accompanying team of paramedics

Why choose us for medical repatriation?

Over the years, AIRS has grown exponentially. We offer a wide range of services such as medical repatriation, neonatal air transfers, organ transplant transport. Our air and train ambulance services cover huge geographical areas in order to ensure we can provide the best services to our patients. Also, we have tie ups with top Indian hospitals and research centers which help us in taking several decisions such as- which hospital will be best suited,  where an organ is available etc. Also, our teams working in different regions are well coordinated. For instance, our team of air ambulance services in Delhi is well coordinated with the team of air ambulance service in Mumbai. AeroMed’s air ambulance is fully equipped to meet any critical situation during transit and is best in the business of medical repatriation or any other medical transport services