Two years ago, I decided I wanted to try and have a baby. I had worked at my brick and mortar job for five years and had established a great reputation for being dependable and responsible. I had received two promotions in the years I had worked there and knew I had not reached a glass ceiling. When I finally did get pregnant, everyone seemed to be happy for me. I could tell there was a little doubt wondering if I would still be as dependable as before.

What I Thought Would Happen

super-momI was not known for being naive, but my thoughts were surely headed there. I believed that I would be super mom. I mean I was in charge of twelve employees so I definitely could handle my career and a baby. Women did it all the time and it seemed almost effortless. To make matters even better I was going to nurse my child for a year and still try to earn that promotion I so wanted a work. I expected that I could go out for six weeks, have the baby, and return to work just as normal.


I did not understand how people made it being pregnant and working a full-time job. I was exhausted and between getting calls from work in the middle of the night and not getting any sleep due to the position of the baby, I was falling asleep everywhere. I had a hard time both at home and at work trying to keep it all together. I thought once the baby was born, I would not be as tired. Well baby came and instead of having a natural delivery, the doctors performed a cesarean section. Now, I would be out a minimum of eight weeks. Once I went back to work, I was falling apart. I was still hurting; I was trying to nurse during my breaks, and staying awake all night with the baby. Did I really think this was going to work?

New Beginnings

Well, I walked around the next four weeks like a zombie trying to balance work and home life. I had always been proud of my career but now it was getting in the way of my life. I had a new outlook on what was important to me. I quit my job to stay home with my son. I could not bear the thought of not being with him and work was not my first priority any longer. Staying home with my son was the best decision I ever made and some days I still feel like super mom when I can hold a baby and vacuum at the same time. Super mom comes in different meanings for everyone.