We have all been at that point where a living space is much smaller than we would like. A full renovation is not cheap and will take time. Does that mean you have to forever suffer the cramped look and feeling of the room? In today’s guest post, Sebring Services gives us some expert tips on how to make the most out of a small living room. The company has years of experience undertaking home renovations for homeowners in Naperville, IL.


It is all About the Perception

Before you put down several thousand dollars on a renovation, there are a few ways you can play around with perception. When you walk into a room, the colors, textures, furniture arrangements and light create a certain perception. They can tell a different story, make you see differently from what is actually real.

A room may be small but when you walk into it, it feels big, bright and airy. You may have a large living room but if you do not create the right atmosphere using various components, it might feel just as bad as a small stuffy space.

Before you bring down a wall or rip out the flooring, look around and see what smaller changes you can make with huge effects. You would be surprised at how drastic of a change a new coat of paint can bring about. It will save you money and get you the kind of space you desire without waiting for months of renovation. If you still want to go ahead with a remodeling, you can sit down and plan well without any rush.

Be Smart About your Furniture

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to having a small living room is furniture arrangement. Typically, the living room has the highest number of furniture pieces. But how do you fit 2 sofas, a coffee table, a bookcase and several other pieces in a room the size of a cubicle?

Start by having only the basic essentials (a bit more on that further below). If you can do with less seating space, get rid of some chairs. Consider moving the bookcase to your bedroom or replace it with hanging shelves.

Try to arrange your furniture in a way that opens up space, making the room look and feel bigger. Additionally go for furniture that creates a perception of the place being roomy. Neutral colored couches, a glass coffee table and floating bookshelves are good examples.


Renovate or Remodel

One other consideration to smaller living spaces is to remodel your space, maybe taking down a wall or making a small pass-through to the kitchen.  Decide whether you want to take on this larger project alone or combine it with another project, like a kitchen remodel.

Keep Only What Matters and Makes You Happy

We are not suggesting you go minimalist but everyone could do with some paring down. We tend to hold on to some things for too long even when they have no more use. Things like old toys, unused furniture, old books, past magazines and so on tend to fill up your already small space, making it feel cluttered and cramped.

If you cannot bear to part with something, put it in storage or another room where there is more space. Every few months, go through your living room and get rid of anything that has no use.

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