The kitchen is often the heart of the family home. It’s where hearty meals are cooked and sometimes consumed, homework is done, and people gather at parties and events. So it makes sense that you’d want to make sure that it’s family-friendly. With a few simple kitchen remodeling ideas, you can turn food prep into family time so that every meal nourishes both body and soul.

Install Under-Cabinet Task Lighting

One of the most important things a kitchen needs is good lighting. You can add to your lighting with under-cabinet task lighting. This lighting will cast a bright white light over the countertops, making everything from reading recipes to chopping veggies so much easier and safer. This is something that you can easily do as a simple project to upgrade your kitchen or as part of a bigger kitchen remodeling project.

Build a Butcher Block Island

If your kitchen has lots of modern stainless steel appliances and stone countertops, consider adding a butcher block island for some homey warmth. As long as it is properly sealed, the wood surface stands up to water and warping. Additionally, if it gets a nick or a similar type of surface damage, you can often simply sand it off and reseal the surface. 

A butcher block island offers an excellent space for kids to sit and do homework or snack while you prep dinner. Plus, it’s an ideal surface for letting kids start testing their kitchen skills. The less-slippery surface reduces the risk they’ll cut themselves or accidently slide a dish or glass onto the floor.

Add Pull-Out Shelves and Organization to Cabinets

Baskets, boxes, racks, and containers can all be added to your cabinets to provide organization for canned goods, storage containers, silverware, utensils, and other things. This makes it easier to find things and put them away. Adding some pull-out shelves can help you make the most of the space you have, but it can also make it easier for younger (and shorter) members of the family to access what you need.

If your cabinets are outdated, you can install new ones as part of kitchen remodeling. Specify that you want organizational tools such as baskets and pull-out shelves, and your contractor will be able to work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Add a Touchless Faucet

A touchless faucet serves many purposes. You’ll be able to turn the water on when your hands are full of veggies to be washed or dirty dishes to rinse. If your fingers are covered in raw meat juices or someone is sick, you won’t have to worry about putting bacteria all over the faucet handles every time you wash your hands or a dish. And a touchless faucet can be much easier to manipulate for little hands that might not be able to easily reach the handle or moderate the water flow just yet.

Turning your kitchen into a family-friendly oasis in the home is easier than you think. A few simple upgrades make it a place where everyone in the family, from the toddler to the wise grandparent, wants to gather. Take meal prep to a whole new level as you create memories, share stories, and bond in your beautiful new space.

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