While you don’t need to get the burgers and bangers in just yet, there’s no harm in at least planning ahead for a summer sizzle-up outside. Agreed, given the temperamental weather typical of British summertime, a barbecue can be one of the most awkward events to plan anyway. However, aren’t they just the most fun times – when they do go as planned?

Here are several tips that you may not have considered but could help you to host the ultimate summer celebration.

Keep it green

You’ll have seen lots of concerning statistics in the news about waste, pollution and how it is affecting our environment. This includes the shocking statistic that an estimated 91% of global plastic isn’t recycled. Therefore, to reduce the impact on your local environment during your barbecue, simply encourage positive lifestyle traits by organising your rubbish.

Set aside a green bin for leftover salad and fruit for compost, another bin for plastic and glass bottles, one for cardboard and hopefully a much smaller one for landfill. If there’s any leftover meat, maybe give the dog a treat or two.

Keep the fire going

Even when the food has been devoured and the drinks supply is looking a little bleak, it doesn’t mean everyone has to head home immediately. An outdoor fire pit is great for keeping the warmth and fun aflame as the party begins to relax later in the evening.

Even if you don’t want to fork out on a ready-made fire pit from a garden centre, there are several simple ways to make a safe one in your own back garden. Prepare for the evening with a few blankets to sit on or cover up with, and watch the night set in as the flames flicker away.

Seating plan optional

Who needs a seating plan at a barbecue, anyway? Still, how many barbecues have you been to where there seems to be a mixture of people who spend the entire afternoon sat down and other people on their feet? If you have a lawn, you could simply serve the barbecue picnic-style, with throws, rugs, blankets and cushions to sit on, so that every guest gets the same level of comfort.

An added bonus of this – there’s no more eating with one hand while playing a balancing act with the drink you hold in the other!

Build some outdoor shade

Although you may eat your steak rare to medium, many Brits still end up well done at the very first hint of summer fun. There is a range of practical, outdoor options you can choose from to protect the skin – and some of them are larger than others. How would a stylish pergola look in your garden?

These modern wooden builds can be fitted with canopies, and comfortably fit plenty of people underneath as they retreat from the sun’s glare. You don’t have to build these intricate structures yourself, either – there are specialist building companies nationwide that will build these for you.

For instance, in the North East of England, Findley Roofing & Building is a roofing company in Washington which builds pergolas and other modern conservatories.