There are some strict regulations in place which ensures that the toys which are sold is safe on all countries. Though it may vary from one country to country, but the regulations are standardized all over the world. But even with the strict regulations in place, the toys that enter the market are not all that safe for the kids.

One thing which you can consider with regards to online baby toys shopping in India, is that the regulations which have been put in place have fairly been successful. When you compare it to the number of toys which are sold in the market each year, very few accidents have been caused due to unsafe or defective toys. In case of accidents, which arise, it may be caused due to improper usage or the kids tripping on them. The defective or unsafe toys which have entered the market are being called back quickly in most cases. But this is no reason to ascertain the fact that parents should not adopt a guard down when they are in the process of buying toys.

The safety labels are indeed a must

The most important thing that needs to be checked when you buy a toy is that whether it is safety labels or not. These labels should signify the fact that the brands go on to meet safety standards. Another important point of consideration when you are purchasing toys should be to look at the age labels. One should go on to follow guidelines as they are an essential part of safety procedure.  A toy should go on to have anage label even if it is not required in the legal context. In case of toys which are not suitable for kids under 36 months or so, it should have a visible logo or so.

Though most toys are known to prescribe guidelines to what age group they are designed for. It will clearly tell you which age group will benefit most from the toy in terms of fun, development along with understanding. Let us now analyse the various categories of kid’s toys online shopping in a nutshell.

Below 3 years of age

For this age group the biggest hazard which is bound to face is the choking aspect. Everything which a baby or toddler gets hold of gets into the mouth. Because of this reason, small toys or tools are not recommended. Make it a point to keep the marbles along with small toys out of the reach of children, be careful with balloons and avoid toys with sharp edges.

Three to five years

Kids in this age bracket are full of discovery and are capable of playing around with complex toys. But you should still be cautious as certain toys will still go on to possess a risk to them. It is suggested that you go on to avoid toys made of thin plastic as it may cause injury and watch out for small parts which the kids may be tempted to put into their mouths.

Above 5 years

When you reach this age bracket kids will be safe to play with any set of toys which they are given. When you have lot of toys for different age groups then you need to a bit vigilant.