Since the winter season is incoming, snow and frigid temperatures are back on the menu again. And with these ultra-low temperatures, there will be various types of roof issues that you have to deal with at the same time – especially for those unfortunate homebuyers and homeowners. 

However, all hope is not lost as we’re still here to help you out with the same. In this in-depth guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the significant roof problems that you should be wary of during the winter season. Learning about these problems beforehand will help you deal with issues in the proper manner without any hassles. Moreover, you’ll also be able to spot them easily in the midst of the harsh cold winter.

Significant Roofing Problems To Be Wary Of During The Cold Months

  1. Ice Dams

While the sparkling icicles on the top of your roof might look great, but according to professional services for a home inspection in Raleigh NC, they might indicate there’s a major problem with your house’s rooftop. It should be known that ice dams don’t generally happen throughout the winter season on a consistent basis. But, if the conditions turn out to be correct, they can damage the roof by pulling down gutters, tearing off shingles and can even create ice inside your home interiors. 

If you want to prevent ice dams, then you need to ensure that your attic is getting proper ventilation. Furthermore, your rooftop should have functioning gutters and the entire house should be well-insulated. Even though you might not see any evidence of ice dams when your house inspection is carried out but the issues which can lead to the formation of ice dams can be spotted. 

  1. Gutters

One of the major reasons why ice dams can form on your rooftop is because of bad gutters that are not properly functional. Bad gutters can also lead to roofing damage, siding damage, wet basement and even water infiltration inside your home interiors. Gutters might look like simple equipment but they carry out a lot of functions in keeping your roof in tip-top shape.

That’s why, proper installation of roof gutters is required, so that water can be prevented from backing up or dripping from the edge of gutters. Moreover, a proper slope should be provided to the gutters. The general rule of thumb is to have a slope of 1/2 inch for every ten feet of gutter. Lastly, gutter hangers should be utilised to prevent gutter sagging.

  1. Attic Insulation

It doesn’t matter if you have a basic building or a high-end one, lacklustre insulation can result in high monthly energy bills in the long term. If your home’s insulation has been installed correctly, then your home interiors can retain its temperature. However, if the insulation is inadequate, then condensation will be formed during the winter season. 

Lacklustre insulation can also lead to the formation of moulds & mildews inside your attic because the formation of condensation will lead to the creation of water droplets, which might misguide you into thinking that there’s a roof leak. 

Home inspectors will take note of the same and will provide suggestions on mitigating the problems head-on. 

  1. Snow Loads

If you have a house or buying a home in an area where heavy snowfall occurs, then the overall structural integrity of the roof should be inspected. Over time, large snow loads on your roof can lead to roof damages. With proper roof inspection, you’ll be able to solve any roofing problems before letting them snowball into something extraordinary. 

Lastly, if you’re looking to hire a professional home inspector for your home purchase requirements, don’t forget to call us any time.