When you go to the store and buy a new appliance for your home, your intention is most probably for it to last for an extended period of time. Of course, just like a car needs a tune-up from time to time, your home appliances need extra attention as well. If you maintain them properly, they will use up less energy, need to be repaired less frequently, and actually live up to the lifespan that the product’s box assures you.

So, while you do need to face the fact that eventually an appliance will end up in the trash bin, there is a variety of things that you can do to extend its lifespan. Here are some maintenance tips that can help you do so.

Read the manual

Let’s start with a very logical advice. Read the manual that comes with the box. The fact is that most of us just skip that part before installation, and even end up damaging the appliance and shortening its lifespan instead of the opposite. After all, your idea is to save money around the house, not waste it, right?

So, instead of being lazy, sit down and go through those pages attentively. Quite often, the new appliance works differently than the old one that you had, so you may mess it up just because you didn’t follow the given instructions.


When it comes to your dishwasher, a deficient gasket can make it not work the way it is supposed to, and significantly decrease its efficiency. Look at the gasket. Does it have cracks, dirt, or anything else built-up on it? If so, then it is definitely leaking, and you’ve got a problem in your hands. A regular clean up by merely using soap and water will keep the seal watertight.

Also, load your dishwasher carefully. The racks are generally coated with vinyl, and can easily get damaged if you aren’t careful. Furthermore, they are expensive, so instead of wasting money, make sure that you keep them in the best shape.


Washing machine

You must neither overload nor under-load your washing machine. You need to make sure that during its wash cycle, its movement is unhindered by the heaviness of how much clothes you have thrown in. With too much stuff in it, it will use up more energy, and put more strain on the motor, belts, transmission, and so on.

An under-loaded machine results in cycles that are off the balance, which also forms a strain for its parts. Energy and water get wasted because there is hardly any difference in how much is used during a small load and a full load.


The condenser coils, which are most commonly located at the back, should be cleaned every 3-6 months. This is due to dirt and dust that pile up and make your refrigerator be less efficient than it should. Furthermore, you should pull the plug on your fridge and vacuum them. This includes the coils that on the below of the fridge as well.


Look for help

Home appliance repair Sydney based professionals argue that, if you are unsure how to install or take care of your new device, the best idea is to ask someone with enough experience to help you out. Hiring professional help can end up costing you less than what might happen if you improperly deal with your new appliance.

Basically, if you take proper care of your home appliances, their lifespan is certainly going to be longer. The manual is always there to show you how to install and maintain your device. Each appliance has its own way of being preserved to last longer. If you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows better for help.