Before your wedding, you most likely worked out, ate healthy and sought to tone up your muscles. You certainly wanted to look dapper in your tuxedo or shapely in your wedding dress. Why let this healthy mindset subside once you enter married life? Whether your wedding is in a month or you are nearing your one-year anniversary and are noticing the pounds creeping up, make a decision now to treat your body right and to stay in shape with these four tips.

Watch the Diet

The main way that you put on weight is through your diet. Eating refined sugar, white flour and carbohydrate-laden snacks can pack on the pounds quite quickly. Carbohydrates can turn into fat cells and be very difficult to burn.

Try to keep at least half to two-thirds of your plate filled with vegetables and some fruits and to eat only gentle carbohydrates, such as quinoa, oats, brown rice and legumes. Additionally, try using smaller dinner plates. Studies have shown that people eat less overall when they eat off smaller plates. Some other diet tricks include measuring any wine you consume to ensure that you are not overdoing the calories and never eating in front of the television. When you eat in front of the television, you tend to eat mindlessly and thus overeat.

Another important tip is to take dietary supplements. Having the proper amount of nutrients helps your body avoid “stockpiling” the food it receives, which can go a long way when watching your wait. Read reviews on Vasayo and other supplement providers to see which ones are a good match for your dietary needs.

Enjoy Home Cooking

It can be very distressing to find out how many calories are in some of your favorite restaurant foods. Even salads can be loaded with calories, which are found in fatty salad dressings that are filled with corn syrup and in croutons and other toppings. When you eat home-cooked foods, you are more in control of what ingredients go into your dishes. You can use leaner meats, lighter oils and less cream and cheese. If you are not comfortable cooking, consider using one of the newer cooking boxes that bring fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to your door every week.

Aim to Impress

Do you remember when you were dating? Perhaps you have not yet married your love. You remember how you tried to impress him or her with how you acted, how you spoke, and, yes, how you looked. Once you get married, a sense that you have reached the pinnacle of your desires passes, and you believe that you do not need to do anything else to keep your body lean.

However, realizing that keeping the pounds off can help keep the romance alive can do much to inspire you to eat right and work out regularly. Looking ahead at future parties and celebrations that you have to attend will also help you stay motivated.

Team up

Couples can work together to keep each other motivated. If you like competition, start a game or a bet for who can lose the most weight, eat the healthiest or work out the most for the week. You can also plan special events that will keep you active. For example, instead of settling in front of the television together with a big bag of chips, head out to dance the night away or to take a zumba class together.

There is no need to fight the battle of the bulge after marriage when you are following these tips. Of course, the best way to stay motivated is if you can get your spouse on board with your plan. When you work together, you are more likely to follow your healthy diet, exercise regularly and eat at home. As you stay in shape, you are even more likely to keep the romance alive in your relationship, which will in turn keep you from turning to food when you have negative feelings.