Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW is a German multinational company which produces automobiles and motorcycles. Famous for the production of luxury cars, BMW have become stars in the automobile world, with a series of award winning cars like the BMW 3 series a popular luxury line of cars with innovation in vehicle performance and safety measure, which was sold successfully all over the world.

Despite being built with the best of German engineering, even the best of BMW requires maintenance, and like most car brands BMW too have their own service centres specifically established in the repair and maintenance of BMW automobiles and motorcycles.

What is a Service Centre? Why Do You Need It?

Service centres are dedicated centres established for the repair and maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles. Even for a prestigious brand like BMW, regular maintenance is a necessity to keep your vehicle performance and reliability as high as possible. In most countries they are strict rules to a vehicle performance, they are to maintain a manufacturer standard and quality. Being the international brand, it is, BMW service centres have their centres spread out in the countries it is sold.

Service centres can be independent or authorised by specific brands. There is not much difference in function. Authorised service centres like an authorised BMW service centre are service centres authorised by the company. This enables them to repair and maintain a vehicle without voiding a vehicle company warranty as they hold authority to repair under the warranty terms whereas independent service centres, are service centres that are owned privately and come under no banner, they specialise in repair and maintenance too, but they are limited in choice, as each independent service centre is different from one, and the quality of repair and maintenance varies according to each specific service centre. This limitation is however balanced by the freedom an independent service centre holds as they are not bound by company guidelines and warranty terms.

Why Should you Visit a BMW Service Centre?

You might fancy yourself quite the engineer and try your hands in repairing or use a third party like the services of an independent service centre. The problem here arises, if you are under a warranty period, most warranty claims become void if there is any accident caused during the process of self-repair or when under an independent service centre. So it is recommended, even after the warranty period is over to visit an authorised service centre to maintain and repair your car, as this not only ensures you avoid any accidents that might void your warranty claim.

An authorised BMW service centre, not only is authorised but the staff is well experienced and technically qualified in the maintenance of your luxury car, they not only will be more handy in handling your vehicle but also if parts or spares are required it is more convenient as a customer to have your vehicle serviced in a BMW service centre as they would most likely have the original parts required or can procure it from another centre. This would not be possible in an independent service centre due to the lack of connections compared to an authorised service centre.

BMW’s are an expensive lot and their expenses in maintenance are also considered one of the highest amongst luxury car brands, but there is little doubt in the quality of its maintenance. Some services centre have maintenance packages during holidays or other occasions, contact your local BMW service centre for enquiry into any offers for maintenance expenses.