Savvy and seasoned designers understand that websites have to be more than just looking good. These websites need to deliver a return on investment (ROI) using conversions. Every web design should be a focus on marketing efforts, and all elements involved in a high-quality web design must work together to convert visitors to customers and gain profit.

Thus, with the fast-paced changes in today’s industry, you and your business need to keep up with the growing consumer demands. And when it comes to website trends, you need one to boost your conversion rates and stay on top of the competition.

Detailed below are the top luxury web design trends that should increase conversion rates for your e-commerce site. From aesthetics to functionality to an essential marketing strategy, if you use any of these design tips, you can count on boosting those conversion rates, whether you’re working on behalf of a client or with your site:

#1. Death of the Homepage. Landing pages are the new homepage in 2017. In today’s marketing industry, landing pages have become quite significant because an effective landing page is much similar to a road map for every website visitor.

That’s why, in a landing page, you as the site owner can already hone in on target customers based on location, demographics, age and other metrics. If you are not using landing pages, then it’s high time you up your game with this one-stop-shop marketing strategy that provides everything that needed to convert a single page.

#2. Scrolling trumps navigation. Because of the increasing use of mobile devices, scrolling has become acceptable. This allows you to include all marketing strategy in just one single page. Thus, with only one page, you can boost conversion.

This is a more efficient way of converting a visitor than allowing him or her to leave a site and wander off aimlessly from page to page until eventually abandoning the site.

#3. Value-based exit overlays. Physical stores are advantageous in that sales personnel can always read social cues from visitors and provide an offer that visitors can’t refuse if they try to leave without buying. For online stores, value-based exit overlays are like these sales personnel who try to woo visitors on a final offer.

These last-ditch offers could range from discounts, freebies, free shipping or buy one, take ones. Regardless of the offer you provide, you need to give out these gifts with no strings attached to gain customer trust and of course conversion.

#4. Animated CAT Buttons. Your CTA must be front and centre because these buttons are an integral part in making conversions for your site. The new trend in the design of CTA buttons is by adding subtle animations, those that are just enough to draw consumer attention without of course taking their eyes off the products or services offered.

Always keep in mind, however, that your site’s animation should have the consistent feel and visual appeal of your site since movement is another way of enhancing visibility.

#5. Skeleton screens. It takes only 3 seconds before a visitor decides to abandon a site when load times are more than slow. Skeleton screens are your answer to that. These provide an additional option for highly impatient users as it gives the impression that the page is loading a bit faster than it is.

Also, as screens load, it allows users to anticipate your site’s content, reducing impatience and of course reducing bounce rates.

#6. Engagement bots. Chatbots have gained traction over the past few years since now they can be incorporated in just about any website to respond to customer queries.

But these engagement bots have to be continually updated to provide a high-quality customer experience. They are similar to the FAQ section of your site and guide users when purchasing, navigating through the site and more.

#7. Monochromatic colour palette with contrasting Call-to-Action. Your CTA should always stand out. That’s why opting for bright, contrasting colours against a neutral backdrop is always a good idea as it catches the attention of your online visitors. Just be sure to choose a colour that’s also great to look at and not something that would hurt the eyes.

#8. Informational videos. One of the biggest barriers between an online visitor and making a sale is TRUST. Here’s where informational videos come in handy, as it’s an excellent way to personalise your brand and it also allows your audience to see what your business is all about. Provide them with useful information that they can use, and they’ll surely come back for more.

#9. Card design layout. The Pinterest-inspired trend allows your online visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. Aside from that, it also helps your site look neat, aesthetically pleasing, and super trendy!

So, did you find something interesting that you haven’t tried before? Web designers in London highly encourage you to try out these luxury web design trends. They may seem simple, but it will definitely boost your conversion rate.