Battery life continues to frustrate mobile phone users, despite technological improvements that charge batteries faster and make their charge last longer. Perhaps the evolution of new smartphone features and applications have caused the devices to increase their demand for power faster than battery manufacturers can meet the challenge. Regardless of the reason, constant phone users face the following four struggles that often result in inconvenience and frustration.

A Damaged Connector

Some phone users diligently plug in their phone at night only to awake to find out that it didn’t charge. The tiny connectors used to charge mobile phones wear out when frequently used, causing unreliable connections to charging devices. Solve the problem by getting a wireless charger from TYLT. A wireless charger eliminates the need for a charging cable, so you can charge your phone simply by placing it on the charging pad or car mount. The convenience of wireless charging will go a long way to resolving the struggles of the constant phone user. You can enjoy wireless charging through the use of either an add-on device or with a phone with built-in wireless charging capabilities.

No Charging Cord

Getting caught with a dead phone can cause embarrassment and lost sales, but phone users commonly get trapped in such a predicament. Phone manufacturers have adopted standardized connectors and cables for charging phones that make charging cords easy to buy. Still, busy people often leave home without their charging cable and don’t have enough free time to visit a store to buy a new one. You can buy high-quality cables at reasonable prices that allow you to keep a charging cord at home, at work, in the car, and in their purse or backpack. Keep a charging cable everywhere you don’t have a wireless charger available will help you stay connected throughout the day.

No Electrical Outlet

Sometimes phone users have wisely taken steps to have on-demand access to a charging cable only to discover that they don’t have access to a power socket. Without a place to plug it in, a charging cord does no good. Portable power packs can solve the problem by giving phone users the ability to charge their phone on a bus, train or anywhere else that doesn’t provide access to an electrical outlet. A power pack fits comfortably in your pocket, bag or briefcase, so you no longer have to struggle with a dead phone at the critical moments of your life.

A Worn Out Battery

If you constantly use your phone all day, every day, you’ll probably notice that a single charge doesn’t last as long as it used to. Batteries wear out over time, so prepare yourself by having a replacement battery on hand. Some phones, however, don’t have user-replaceable batteries, so you’ll either have to send your phone away for service or buy a case that has a built-in auxiliary battery.

Perhaps the convenience and power of modern phones perpetuate the struggles of the constant phone user. Fortunately, the above tips will help you survive the challenges of mobile-phone dependency, so you can work and play with confidence.