Summer is here and it’s time to get outside! Whether you like to spend time at the beach, the park, or in the mountains, being outside is good for us physically and emotionally.

What about spending time at home? Is your backyard a paradise full of flowers, or a wasteland full of weeds? If it is the latter, you will want to make some improvements before summer is in full swing. The following are four ways to improve your backyard to make it your own personal oasis. 

Rooting Out the Weeds

If your backyard is full of weeds or has been neglected over the years, all it takes is a little elbow grease. Before you bring in the outdoor furniture, umbrellas, or even a hot tub, why not spruce up the landscaping?

Take some time to remove weeds, leaves, and branches from your yard. Turn your backyard into a paradise with new smells and vibrant colors by planting some flowers. Either go with a color theme or go crazy with all the colors of the rainbow. Another great little touch is to trim all the borders of your grass, using a saw-tooth border edger. Giving these edges a clean look between a patio or walkway and the grass will give your yard a sharp and tidy look.


When having people over to your house, you never want to ask them to bring their beach chairs. Invest in some quality outdoor furniture and umbrellas. This makes a world of difference for parties or cookouts. Find some patio chairs and sofas that are comfortable for spending summer nights outside and make your guests feel at home. This centerpiece will draw everyone closer, and create a friendly atmosphere.

Eating and Playing

Has your grill seen better days? No backyard is completed without a good grill to cook all your grub. Depending on how serious you are about grilling, make sure you have a big enough grill based on the number of people you entertain. There is nothing worse than grilling while everyone else is eating because you could cook everything at once. Wait, there is something worse, running out of propane. Make sure you have a spare tank.

Depending on your space, think about what games you will have. Whether it’s volleyball, corn hole, or kan jam, create a play space away from the seating area, so the kids can play while parents chat. 

The Next Level

If you want to take your backyard to the next level. Get yourself a hot tub or projector, or BOTH! There’s nothing better than a backyard movie for all the family. If you have the space and the means, you can even consider adding a swimming pool to your backyard if you really want to make it a place for entertaining. 

Make your backyard a paradise, a place everyone wants to visit, and a place you won’t want to leave. Don’t neglect important improvements you can make or underutilize your outdoor living space. Follow one or some of the above tips to start preparing your yard for those summer nights. 

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