When it comes to travelling, you love to bring back something special from that place so that you are reminded of your journey. However, apart from being a fanatic traveller, what if you are a shopaholic? If that is the case, then Bangkok will definitely not disappoint you.   An international trip might be expensive and, hence, you should book your tickets in the economy class of the cheapest international flights from Chennai to Bangkok. And, with the money that you save there, enjoy a gala time shopping in these top 5 shopping malls in Bangkok.

1. Shop for Lifestyle Products at Siam Discovery:

Siam Discovery is one of the finest malls in Bangkok. This shopping mall specializes in lifestyle products ever since it was established in 1973. After its renovation in 2016, Siam Discovery has become one of the finest malls in the world with a variety of lifestyle products of the international standard. From cool drones to plush sofas, you will find everything you require under the same roof. Not only lifestyle products, but you can also purchase life-size Star Wars figures for your children! Now, with Siam Discovery in Bangkok, decorating your home same as that of your favourite celebrity is a dream come true.

2. Visit different Cities in Terminal 21:

The Terminal 21 is a unique mall in Bangkok because of the way the stores are arranged. In this mall, every floor is dedicated to a special city, and the brands and products pertaining to that particular city are available on that floor. For example, there are cities like Rome, Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco dominating four different floors. Apart from designer and luxury brands, one floor is dedicated to Thailand’s local stores where you can get designer copies at pocket-friendly prices. Similarly, even when it comes to food, Terminal 21 has 5-start restaurants that would burn a hole in your pocket and budget-friendly kiosks at the food court that will help you get a full meal for as less as $1. And, if you are bored of shopping and eating, you can watch your favourite movie at the multiplex here.

3. Indulge in Luxury at Siam Paragon:

If you want to truly experience luxury, just walk into the shopping mall called Siam Paragon when you visit Bangkok. From Maserati to Emporio Armani, Siam Paragon will gobble you up in luxury. Even if you cannot afford such brands, window shopping is no harm done. Moreover, Siam Paragon has a floor that has been converted into an aquarium. If you miss out on an expo conducted every now and then, you can befriend one of the aquatic creatures here.

4. Get Affordable Brands at Siam Center:

Siam Center is close to Siam Paragon. Even though this mall does not house only luxurious brands, there are plenty of great stores Siam Center is known for the western influence that has been imbibed in the Thai culture. This is not just prominently displayed in the clothing but in the food as well. Siam Center has an excellent food court where you will get to taste cuisines from every part of the world. Thus, do visit this mall and give your taste buds the excitement that these food items have to offer.

5. Get Your Shopping Bag Full at the MBK Center:

What happens when the vendors from the Chatuchak weekend market enter into a sophisticated mall like MBK Center? You get everything at cheaper rates. Thus, if you have to save money, buy designer copies from MBK and enjoy the look of luxury at pocket-friendly prices!

Thus, you can perceive by now why Bangkok is recognised at the shopaholic’s paradise. So, what are you waiting for? It is time you planned your holiday in Bangkok and bought the tickets of the cheapest international flights from Chennai to Bangkok so that you can save your money for shopping!