If you are madly in love with your girl, a romantic gift is a must for her to feel special this Valentine’s Day. For sure, there are plenty of gift ideas that you can follow to make your girl swoon all over again.

You can give her classic gifts such as chocolates, or you can provide her with something unique. It is all up to you. What is more important is to express to her your love and care for her. Women will love that show of romantic love from their partners.

Whether you have a lot of money to buy gifts or has a shoestring budget, here is a list of romantic and thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend. So take a read!

Couple Shirts

Couple shirts are essential in every romantic pair out there. You will see a lot of these shirts not only on Valentine’s Day but also in an ordinary day while you are walking in the streets. Wearing couple shirts is a way of expressing your love for her to the world. Many women love that gallantry from men, and for sure, you will make her smile when you hand it out to her on Valentine’s Day.

Couple Pillowcases

Not only in couple shirts but you can also express your love for her through couple pillowcases. Couple pillowcases are a cute and romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend. You can choose what words you want to put on it as there are plenty of digital printing sprouting everywhere nowadays.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

If you consider your partner one of the selfie fanatics, this instant snap camera is an excellent gift idea for her. This camera from Fujifilm is user-friendly and perfectly handy that you can bring it along with you in any place perfect for photo ops. It also produces high-quality photos that develop at just an instant.

Computer Screen Wipes

Gone are the days when you would wipe the dust off your computer screen with a rough, unsightly hand towel. You can find chamois computer screen wipes nowadays that come in cute and funny cat, giraffe, and dog case designs. If you have a geek girlfriend, these screen wipes are best for her.

Luxury Bath and Body Collection from Molton Brown

Women love to relax and pamper themselves, and there is no better place to relax than in the comfort of their homes. You can start for them a splendid spa experience by giving them famous lotions and shower gels from the popular beauty firm Molton Brown.

When you buy one set of this collection on or before Valentine’s Day, you can get various scents place inside a fuschia pouch. For sure, she will love it!

Romantic Phone Cases with Kisses Prints

For sure, you like to rain your wife or girlfriend with kisses every time you are together. For you to let her think of your kisses always, give her on Valentine’s Day a phone case with romantic kisses prints. You can find many cases like these that are scratch-resistant and can match perfectly with her phone’s color.

Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

If your love partner is a health buff, you should give her  Valentine’s gift that can help her in her physical fitness routine. You can give her something that can keep her on track in her workout like a wristband heart rate monitor, for example.

You can find a lot of wristband heart rate monitor that comes with different designs nowadays. A wristband heart rate monitor is an excellent device if your girlfriend is doing her cardio workouts.

Many heart rate monitor also comes with features like a calories tracker.

A Comfy Camisole

A camisole is an essential clothing piece for many women. For instance, you can give her a satin camisole trimmed with lace as Valentine’s gift. Your girlfriend can match her camisole present with pajamas, jeans, or blazers.

A Nice Journal

There are times that we love to jot down our thoughts on a notebook, and I guess your girlfriend like this activity too.

So, if she is the type of girl who keeps a journal, it will be a good idea to give her a new, nice journal this coming Valentine’s Day. For sure, she will write as her first entry about how romantic you are.

A Good Book

If your girlfriend loves keeping a journal, perhaps, she will also love literature. A good book is a simple yet excellent gift to anyone. It can expand creativity and broaden the imagination. Before giving her a book, make sure to know what genre is her favorite.

An Out-of-Town Vacation

For sure, a gift of experience is an excellent romantic gift for your love partner, especially if this experience involves traveling. On Valentine’s Day, make sure that you bring her to new places.

Traveling with your loved one is a good thing because it strengthens your relationship. For sure, there are beautiful places out of town that will introduce you to a different culture and people. You can also try going to the beach, and walk while holding her hands.

A Bouquet of Real, Beautiful Flowers

Instead of wasting your money on a nice-looking yet plastic (toxic) flowers, give her a bouquet of real flower arranged by a real florist. Although flowers may not pass as a unique gift, most women still love flowers because it is romantic.

Roses are a staple gift during Valentine’s Day, and you can find many colors of roses out there to please your girlfriend. Also, consider not only the colors but also the scent.

Luscious Chocolates

Along with flowers, chocolates are also very important during Valentine’s Day. There is something about sweets that seem so irresistible to women. For you to stay away from the commonplace, do not buy those plain and simple chocolates.

Nowadays, you can find many chocolates with various twists, such as chocolates with strawberries and chocolates with gold dust.


Indeed, Valentine’s Day is in the air. Thus, it is essential that as early as now, you have to think of gift ideas for your partner. You can take some of the cues of the gift ideas above to make your girlfriend feel special this Valentine’s Day.

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