I  strongly believe ‘Love and relationship’ goes hand in hand. Where there’s love, there establishes a relationship and if there’s no love, a relationship can just never be imagined. So, we can say love is the foundation of any relationship, can’t we?  Love finds its completion in a relationship. But, relationships must be nurtured from the very beginning with care; if not, they are likely to get rotten away in in the course of time.

Just as plant needs water, sunlight and manures to grow up into a healthy tree, relationship too needs love, care and respect to grow up into a healthy and wealthy one as it’s been nurtured in time and thus, strengthened by its root. As they say, love just happens and is unconditional. But, a relationship doesn’t just happen or exist and there is a list of terms and conditions in it. If we don’t abide by them, we are likely to suffer and fall victim to the pains and miseries of life for which we alone will be held responsible.

ScreenshotRelationship demands a few commitments which must be properly implemented by the persons in relationships.The elements of love, care and respect along with trust and sharing attitude must be kept in view that blooms any relationship. ‘Trust’ gives birth to all the above said elements. ‘Trust’ itself is a big term to define. To trust somebody is to accomplish a big task. It’s like mountaineering by an unskilled or an untrained person, where we are left with no definite result. Trust needs consistency at every step of love and relationship.

‘Trust’ is so wonderful that it blooms throughout our life and makes all other elements to bloom in its light and warmth. It is the overall support and comfort we get in all fields and all phases of our life. ‘Trust’ results in forming sharing attitude in us that may be a considered a boon to any relationship. When two people in a relationship share everything with each other, peace, gladness and positive attitude sprout up, which makes oneself strong enough to face the challenges of life.This positive attitude opens the door for mutual understanding which all of us ultimately dream for. Once this level is reached in a relationship, no distance between couples, no suspicion towards each other, no complaints against each other prevails. It’s all cool then.

There will be squabbles on silly stuff, which is again needed; sounds ridiculous, though. But, that’s the flip side of a relationship, isn’t it? Just give it a thought; how can a person think or act exactly like you? That’s impossible; right? Wife scoffs at her hubby, ‘Why put your clothes here? Can’t you see the rack nearby?” Or hubby cries out, “Gosh! Today’s curry has excess of salt!” We see this in a relationship, right? Yes, there will be many more such things in our day-to-day affairs. This just adds spice to our life, so to say, doesn’t it?

Love binds us in a thread irrespective of different views and thoughts. Relationships go on serving the purpose of love. Thus, a deep relation do exist between the two being the two sides of the same coin.

Well, I am done now with this ‘vast’ topic. I may miss out something or may say something too unreal. It’s personal views, though. You’re requested to leave your thoughts on it and take the discussion further. I will love to hear your lovely comments. So, do leave your comments below. Catch you shortly..