This is a warning to those of you who have single friends. While you are only trying to help your friends with their love life, or the lack of it, they are most likely tired of your “help.” If you have noticed that some of those single friends are starting to not have time to just hang out anymore, they are possibly trying to avoid you because they know you are just going to dive into their love life. Seriously, your well-meaning actions probably comes from the heart, but you need to understand how you are making those friends feel.

Following are some of the top love advice from that you really should consider might be hurting an otherwise amazing friendship:

  • One of the worst, and most annoying, things that you can say to your single friend is to tell them that they just need to put themselves out there. What you need to know is that, unless your friend has totally curled into the fetal position in a corner, they most likely have been doing that already. Your friend may not be telling you about all of the times that they have taken a chance on dating someone, only to have it go sideways really quickly. So assuming that your friend is not trying at the dating game is not the best way to help. This friend might even be too embarrassed to tell you about their dating failures.
  • Telling your single friend that they are probably aiming too high when choosing from the dating pool is not something you should ever do. say. What you are saying to them is that they are not worthy of a really great partner. Do you want to make your friend feel even worse and less confident? If you are a true friend, you will steer away from suggesting that they should not be expecting to get everything they need and want from a relationship.
  • It is not a great idea to tell your single friends that online dating is a useless way to meet someone for successful dating. Many couples have met online and even went on to marriage. While offering advice to them that they should be just engaging in activities that they love and meet dating partners that way, online dating should be one of the many tools that can work. If you are a good friend, you will not keep saying that online dating should be dropped. With such limited time for having fun these days, online dating can actually be a faster way to enter or re-enter the dating pool. Do not discourage your friends who are looking into dating websites.
  • Even though it may sound like doublespeak after telling your single friend to lower their standards in what they want in a dating relationship, you should also refrain from advising them to wait for their soulmate. The idea of a soulmate might mean a lot to some people. On the other hand, it may seem corny to certain people. If your friend does not subscribe to the theory of soulmates, your belief in them might be too much for them to keep hearing from you. Most people prefer to choose their dating partners from groups who they share common interests with and personalities that are compatible.
  • If you are someone who tells your single friends that they should improve the way they dress and they might land a great dating relationship; shame on you! Unless your friend is running around dressing indecently or like a hobo, it is none of your business. If they choose to ask you for fashion advice, that is a different thing altogether. It will be best to handle your response cautiously. Encourage them to wear fashions that are flattering to them. Also, keep in mind that not everyone can afford to buy brand name clothes. Take your less wealthy friends shopping for clothes that look great on them for more affordable prices. That might just give them confidence that they were lacking while giving them a totally different look.
  • One of the most terrible pieces of advice to give your single friends is that they are probably selecting the wrong people to date. Well, of course they are! If they are choosing the right people for themselves, they would probably not be single. Certainly they would not be asking you for dating advice if they tended to always hook up with the worst people. This may not be something that is a dilemma you can help solve. Actually, this may be something that a therapist may be more suited to handle. Sometimes there are psychological reasons that people constantly choose the wrong dating partners.

The most important thing to remember is that, if you want to keep your single friends, you should not offer them insulting or meddlesome advice. Your single friends need support from you when they are going through dating issues. Therefore, it is best if you do not go meddling unless you are asked. If you are asked, remember to be kind and helpful rather than judgmental.