After months of downtime and recovery, most injured workers are eager to return to a normal routine. The last thing anyone expects when preparing to return to work is to lose their job and have to find a new way to earn income. While state and federal laws protect workers from illegal dismissals based on retaliation, or discrimination, all states recognize “At Will” employment laws. Under such laws both employers and employees can terminate with or without cause.

If you find that you have become terminated and disabled, contacting your local Social Security office can be helpful. The application process can be long and difficult, enlist the help of professionals like Green Bay Social Security disability lawyers to get it right the first time. Losing a job is a time filled with an understandable amount of anger, sadness, and grief. A job represents self-esteem, security, and many other facets of our identity. While the gamut of emotions can be overwhelming, there are ways to take control of your life again.

Take a Break

A job loss is difficult for anyone, but in the aftermath of an injury it is particularly taxing. Immediately following this news, give yourself some time to regroup and decompress. You can go on vacation, take a weekend alone, or just a few days of recovery. In this time don’t make any major decisions or rush into job searching. The focus is to process what happened and how you feel.


With the stress of a recent job loss coupled with an injury, it’s important to stay active to avoid depression. Staying active and getting daily exercise increases endorphins which reduces stress and improves mood. With less stress and a healthier lifestyle, employees can begin to gain their lives back. Consider investing in a gym membership or enlisting your spouse or a friend to go on routine jogs with you. The more active you are the less stressed you will feel.


That extra sleep might be a welcome change for now, but don’t pack up that alarm clock too soon. Spending extra time in bed and putting off responsibilities will only prologue feelings of insecurity and sadness. The best thing to do is to maintain your normal structure and routine. Wake up every morning and devote time into a new job search.

Learn New Skills

Now is the time to attend that seminar you never had time for or register for a new course at the local college. Potential employers are always looking for employers who update their skills. Take this time to improve your chances of getting hired by educating yourself in a field a new field. With new hobbies and skills comes a new way of life and refreshing interests that you never before considered.

These are just a few of the ways that you can get your life back again after losing a job. With these and the help of an attorney, you can really get things moving in a positive direction. Remember to look forward to the future because you cannot change the past. Rely on family and close friends to support you through your time of uncertainty.