The rise of the online dating app

Back in the day, meeting people for a hook-up or a relationship meant getting all-dressed up, going out, and then trying to locate that perfect person in a crowd. Sure, there were times when you would strike lucky, but more often than not, you went home alone with nothing but your hand as your date for the remainder of the evening. Modern technology now makes it possible to find a date for the night or the love of your life by simply logging into your PC or smartphone. Dating apps are all the rage now, and for good reason, as they are matching up like-minded folks like there is no tomorrow.

Grindr for gay

One of the most successful of these dating apps is Grindr, but before you quit reading this to go and install said app, you may want to read on. Grindr is indeed a huge hit, but it’s an app aimed squarely at the gay community. It has done an amazing job of matching up gay folks from all over, even if all they are looking for is a casual fling for the evening. While we are sure that the heterosexual readers among you are a little disappointed, fear not, because an app like Grindr for  straight people is now available.

What is GrindrStraight?

Like straight version of Grindr, GrindrStraight can quickly match you to other people in your area looking for love or just a little slice of action. Since GrindrStraight is part of the Adult Friend Finder Network, we can guarantee that there are going to be an awful lot of people to choose from just a few short miles from your house. Signing up and getting started is as simple as it gets. Choose exactly what you are looking for, create a username, password, and profile, and off you go searching for Mr. Right or Miss Right Now.

Enjoy the fun that GrindrStraight brings

Part of the fun of GrindrStraight is looking through the wide variety of different profiles that you will match up with on the app. There are people looking for some friendship, some looking for a quickie, and even a few who might just be into the kinky stuff that you are craving. If you are open to any type of relationship, GrindrStraight has you covered there, too, as you can search of people of the same sex, as well as singles and couples looking for some threesome or swinging action. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a partner, you are going to find it at GrindrStraight.

Registering for the app is free, which is great if you are not really sure what you are after just yet. Take some time to browse the thousands and thousands of profiles, chat and flirt a little, or perhaps even get in on some live nude video action. This is an app that is designed for shy folks as well as those looking for a little bit of adventure. Don’t let the gay guys on Grindr have all the fun, get your profile up on GrindrStraight today.