During COVID-19, everybody needs some exciting activities to do, but our kids begin to use their phones more than in past days. Our young generation does not like real-life activities as we used to do, and this makes them use digital devices in excess.

Here, parenting has become a challenge during the global pandemic. Parents can keep track of what their teens & kids are watching on TV, but they are unable to monitor their mobile phones. The major reason for parent’s concern is cyber threats, which can hurt our young generation and make them pay a high price.

Let’s find out how the increasing internet dangers can interact with kids during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to fix such issues using android spyware.

In this post, we are going to discuss potential cyber dangers & health issues that can hit your child during a global pandemic.


Health Issues:


1 – Cause Sleep Disturbance 


Our children use their mobile phones even in their beds, and here, things begin to getting worst. Smartphone emitted light active our cells of the brain and can make a user stay awake for hours, which causes insomnia. Lack of sleep decreases the creativity and productivity level that can easily affect kid’s career.


2 – Neck Problems


Teens & kids can use their phones and the internet for hours without blinking their eyes. Constantly watching the screen in a down position increases the chances of neck problems. Study shows that excessive mobile usage is the biggest reason for neck issues these days.


3 – Eyes Irritation 


Looking down at the mobile screen causes eye discomfort. Many users complain about blurred vision due to continually using smartphones. Of course, you won’t prefer a blurred image.



Internet Dangers 

4 – Cyberbullying 


The more our kids use the phone, the more chance they can get interacted with online friends (a few with bad intentions). They use chatrooms or join online groups where they can be bullied with other group members. Bullying leaves negative effects on the victim and even urge the person to attempt suicide. Parents often notice the behavior of the child, which can be the result of bullying.


5 – Sexual Predators


Sexual Predators lie in bait to prey on teens or kids. They only need a single chance to talk to them, and then they easily manage to convince them to share their personal stuff. Our grooming kids share their stories and real-life events on social networking sites, and in this way, online predators collect their information to make them do unlawful things.


6 – Online Grooming


There is an online community, which earns the young generation’s trust and becomes their friends with bad intentions. They often meet them in person. Such friendship leads to a nightmare that no parents want their kids to become a part.


7 – Violent Games 


The Internet has become crowded with video games, but parents should know what their child chooses to play. Some online games are so violent, which molds the kid’s mind and increases their interaction with illegal activities. There are also suicidal games that urge children to harm themselves.


8 – Insecure Sites Usage


Youth loves to purchase online products, especially apps and games. They often get their parent’s credit card numbers and enter details on insecure websites. What happens next?


Well, hackers get a chance to steal the money and also, such sensitive information can also be the reason for identity theft, which cybercriminals use for multiple purposes.


9 – Malware Attack 


Unverified online apps are not reliable, but kids often download these apps along with malware. Downloading malware intentionally or accidentally is like an open door for hackers. They can steal private information and also can harm the device.


How to Fix Excessive Mobile Phone Usage Issue?


Lockdown has unveiled how we could survive to stay home for months, but we should also learn all aspects of living a healthy & safe life for kids too. Such increasing threats have made parenting a challenge for us, but we can fix the excessive mobile phone usage problem by using android spyware. We can’t take the mobile phone from our kids as they also use these devices for online studies, but we can create a secure cyber environment to protect them from falling in any trouble. All we need is to install the android spy app in their phones and monitor activities through a user-friendly control panel. Such android spyware helps a lot to check social media activities, phone call recordings, text messages & IMs, real-time tracking, geo-fencing, etc.


Wrapping Up


During a global pandemic, learn what health issues and internet dangers surrounds your children. Parents can only accept the challenge when they know how to use technology to make their children survive in the internet world. What are you waiting for?


Choose a reliable platform, like TheWiSpy, etc. and Guard the kids!