Life is a precious gift that we need to celebrate every single day. When we spread joys around we get love in return. So, it is of utmost importance that we lead a life that is a blessing not only for us but for the energy forms around us. Our actions must not cause others any harm because the cycle will continue. Studies found that the rate of depression is much higher in people than it was a couple of decades ago. And the level of anxiety and depression is only increasing in our youth. They spend a lot of their time online in a digitally modified world. People who spend a considerable amount of time in social media tend to find it difficult to cope with reality. That is why a new revolution is emerging in the west; it is called the Mindful living.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss ways in which you can better yourself by living a “woke” life and connecting with the thriving nature that is all around us.

  1. Go Vegan: If you logically think about it, this is the only way to save the planet. Manufacturing meat and keeping the dairy industry up and running require a lot of land space and resources. In return, it produces a substantial percentage of methane gas. There are hundreds of meat substitutes out there in the market. If you are worried about your or your children’s nutritious need, you can go to your trusted physician. They’ll tell you the same thing that going vegan would not hurt your protein intake in any way. There are many delicious vegan recipes available online. You can try going vegan for one month at first and see if you see any major changes in your body adapting the vegan food. Not consuming greasy red meat could possibly be a crucial positive step in your own personal journey.
  2. Vehicle: Another vital aspect of lifestyle change is your vehicle. One should try and incorporate cycling in daily lifestyle to lessen the carbon emission of course but also take care of one’s own health. Cycling is cardio that will help with blood circulation in the body. Choose a car that is run on alternative fuels. CNG fuel is an eco-friendly option to traditional forms of petroleum such as gasoline. CNG is fairly non-toxic and eco-conscious. If your city is one of the progressive ones you’ll see a lot of CNG fueling station construction is taking place in and around your city. Support alternative methods of transportation to improve the global health of the earth. Your car reflects your consciousness.
  3. Plastic: We all know the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. That is how we should use plastic products. Tons of plastic products are dumped regularly on the ocean making the sea a floating dumping ground. Plastics do not easily disintegrate; hence they just float on the water. Satellite footage will showcase that they look like tiny islands made of garbage and plastics. These plastic products harm the sea creatures in a devastatingly brutal way. A lot of sea animals go extinct duo to over pollution caused by plastic products. So, we should be mindful of our use of plastics.
  4. Leather and furs: Human beings are a talented species when it comes to inflicting cruelty on other life forms. We need to be smart consumers while choosing garments. We should not use leather products as they are not cruelty-free. Leather and furs are a big no if you want to experience the Mindful movement. If fashion and looks are what you are going for, you can always go for faux fur, but really using real fur is murder. So, we should be careful in choosing our garments and makeup. Many a time the big pharmaceutical corporations do harmful testing on animals. You can make an active decision to not use makeup articles made by such companies.
  5. Labour Rights: We often purchase things we don’t comprehend where they come from. We like exotic commodities that are made in India or Myanmar. There are prominent American firms that outsource their work for cheap labor. People should be aware of such businesses. They are furnishing you with entities that are made by minors in other countries. These people most of the times have to work under questionable circumstances and for barely a proper wage. If you take some time out and do your research on the firm before buying the products, it will, in the end, be helpful to humanity.

It is important for us to be helpful and kind to one another, as it is the only way we are going to make a better world for the next generation. We should vote for a government that is sensitive to the climate change issues and promises an Eco-friendly business model.