Pregnancy is such a crucial time when from drinking to eating becomes important. This is one of hard time when taste of food changes so the mood swings also changes. Sometime this happen wrong eating habit creates an issue in inducing labour so bring extra fruits and salads in your diet plan to have healthy pregnancy. There is some of food which could help in inducing labor so picking up according to taste or otherwise you may concern to your doctor. Acupressure also useful for induce labor pain.


This is one of such fruit which would definitely help in bringing smoothness in your life. It contains enzyme which is known as bromelain. This is being used as meat tenderizer. Enzyme helps in breaking down proteins in tissue and it works in so many things.

Research says that bromelain from the pineapple makes its way to your cervix and it helps in breaking down tissue there. It makes cervix soft and induces labor in time. But there is no proof against this research. But the best part about this is that it has no side effects.

Spicy food

Spicy food is an option because it could have its side effect. If you have not taken spicy food ever then you really can avoid. But if you are used to spicy food and if you are still fine with this taste in your pregnancy then this is going to work for you. If even slightest doubt comes in your mind then please listen to that and concern this with your diet planner.


Garlics have always been the best option for every age of people and for even normal people. It also helps in starting the labour. Many pregnant women use garlic in their regular diet during pregnancy. Garlic can be taken in various forms, if you do not want to take it directly then use it in the vegetable, or other things. It will also help in strengthening the body and give you power to fight with diseases.

Black cohosh

This is one of the best herbs in helping out women. There are number of women who use this black cohosh for having great effect on their health in a positive term. It is said it is the best herb for pregnant women because those who are not having their child labor on time it could help them in inducing their labor.

Basil and Oregano

This is also one of best herb. Actually there are as many qualities in basil and Oregano if a pregnant women takes it, surely this is going to work.  By the way we all know basil has been one of faithful herb since Rig-Veda and Ramayana. They keep capacity of destroying so many diseases in a natural way. So even a normal person will have it on regular basis this is going to change their life by making their body much stronger. You can take it as juice, or even there already made juice comes in the market. Just pour down one or two drop it is going to change your life.

Moreover there are more positive consequences such as it makes immune system strong, make you free from every skin diseases. Even doctors suggest it to all the people.


Yes if you are expecting a child you must start having juice in your diet because juice can change your tone of body. It helps in various things that is why doctors suggest to have juice to both normal person and pregnant women. One can opt their favourite juice according to their taste.

Some like to have orange juice, some like to have banana shake, some like to have pomegranate juice. So it differs with the individuality. But avoid taking container juices because fresh juice will be better than packed one. First the taste will change second it will not be that much beneficial as natural ones are.


These are some best example of planning a perfect diet during pregnancy. Plus those who want to avoid things from this list, they will surely concern along with their doctors.  Moreover if someone is not used to anything like spicy food they must not take that without asking to your doctors.