It is definitely not easy to learn how to type. You might find it even more challenging to learn how to type fast. It does take time and practice, but it is not impossible. There are lots of online typing services as a back-up, but it is not beyond you to learn. Everything you want to accomplish takes time and effort. See the typing process as mastering yet another subject.

When you want to learn to be better at any skill, it always starts with commitment and practice. We have collected some of the best expert advice to help you improve your typing. The rule is to never give up. You can become the best typist with practice.

  1. Start with a test

Before you can evaluate your growth, you need to know where you are now. You can easily do this with an online test.

  1. Take a lesson

Even if you just work your way through one online lesson, it is a good start. You will get some confidence through the process.

  1. Posture

In you want to do your best at typing, it starts with your posture. Do not slouch and remind yourself throughout to sit up straight.

  1. Fingers

Have a look at some of the online lessons at the correct finger placing. You want to start with your fingers placed on the right keys.

  1. All fingers

When you are placing your fingers, remember that you type with all ten. We all started with two fingers, but you work yourself up to using all ten.

  1. Videos

You can find a lot of videos on typing. It is much better to see how it is done, than to read it.

  1. Relax

Make sure your body is relaxed when you type. When you are tense, your entire body, including your hands, will become tense.

  1. Contests

You can find some typing contests online and it would be a great start to practice becoming a guru.

  1. com

This is one of our favorite typing services online. If all else fails, you can find good deals to help you with your typing needs. A professional typist does not have to cost a fortune.

  1. Practice

Nothing will improve if you do not continue to work hard at it. Practice every day.

  1. Shortcuts

Get familiar with all of the shortcuts available to you. This makes typing so much easier and faster.

  1. Tutor

There are some good tutors out there if you are struggling to improve your typing. Nothing wrong with asking for help.

  1. Paragraphs

Never type a block of text to cover an entire page. Paragraphs are useful to the person reading. It also becomes useful when you have to edit.

  1. Breaks

Your fingers will get tired. If not, your wrists surely will. Take breaks often to make sure you do not injure yourself.

  1. Type notes

If you are in school, convert your handwritten notes to text. It’s just another easy way to practice.

  1. Accuracy over speed

Everyone wants to type faster, but it is more important to be accurate.

  1. Look up

You don’t want to get used to looking at your keys. The idea is to look at your screen and not at what your fingers are doing.

  1. Slow down

There is a point when you are typing when you notice a lot of mistakes. Perhaps your brain is tired. In these moments, slow down a bit.

  1. Breaks

If slowing down does not help, you want to just step away from your work for a bit. Take a short 15 minute break and get right back to it.

  1. Break it up

Do not become overwhelmed with your work. Instead, you want to break your typing tasks up into smaller sections.

  1. Know your keyboard

Even though the keys on keyboards are the same, size does differ. Make sure you know the keyboard you are working on.

  1. Rhythm

Find your own rhythm when you type. We all have it and it takes some time to identify.

  1. Games

A great way to improve your typing without pressure, is to play some typing games. You can loads of these online.

  1. Rest

Besides taking short breaks, you need to rest for a little longer. Do not sit at your computer for hours. A rested mind will result in accurate typing.

  1. Believe

You got this covered. Believe that you are already a typing guru and you will surely get it done.