Cellulites are excess fats in the skin that have a rippled and dimpled appearance. When it comes to cellulites, women are the most affected than men are. This is also referred to as cottage cheese skin that appears in thighs, buttocks and some would have them in the lower abdomen too. The prevalence of cellulites in women is explained as due to women having thinner dermis than men.

How Do Cellulites Form?

We need to understand a brief illustration of the skin to understand how this cellulites form. Here is a brief description of how they are formed.

The skin has 2 layers. The epidermis (first layer) is the outer layer of the skin. Immediately after that layer is the dermis (second layer), where it is comprised of hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerve receptors and connective tissue. After that is another layer called the subcutaneous fat layer. Inside the subcutaneous layer are fat cell chambers. These chambers are separated by connective tissues. From these fat-cell chambers, small protrusions of fat cells erupt into the dermis. This uneven and irregular projection of subcutaneous fat is called the cellulite. The protrusion of these fats happens when the structure of the fat cells begin to weaken. As the cell walls weaken, either from lack of exercise, lifestyle change or aging, the cells begin to “sag” and it is at this point where these unsightly cellulites begin to appear.

Individuals who are over fat are most likely to have developed these cellulites. Those who have lesser fat with defined muscles tend to have less visible cellulites. The development of these cellulites varies from person to person. Today, people may begin to have cellulites even at younger age. With that in consideration, it must be given immediate attention to prevent different problems it may bring about.

Problems Associated With Cellulites

When cellulites are formed, it causes some metabolic problems which could worsen the situation. This swollen fat cells inhibit the natural flow of lymph and blood and as this happens it builds pressure in the fluid surrounding the connective tissue resulting to swollen skin in the affected area. Another concern for this is that even with weight loss, the cellulites would not disappear.

Liposuction to Remove Fat Cells

One way of removing the cellulites is through liposuction. A liposuction is a cosmetic surgery which breaks and draws fat from different parts of the body. A hallow instrument (cannula) is inserted into the skin and a sucks the fats out of the skin. This cannula is connected to a powerful suction pump. The liposuction procedure can remove cellulite fats and the strings of tissue that pull the fat down. It works best in younger people.Benefits Of Liposuction

Benefits of Liposuction

Individuals who undergo liposuction benefited from the improved appearance of the cellulite. Not only that, they benefit by having an improved health from the fat removal. As the fats have been removed, they begin to develop self esteem because of their slim and contoured look. We all know how it feels when we look good.

We must acknowledge the fact that cellulites really do affect us in as much as appearance and health is concerned. What needs to be done is to try and find ways to help eliminate these skin dimples and ripples. Liposuction method has greatly been improved over the years. It has worked its way to be an effective way of removing fats inside the body. Having less of these unwanted fats would mean having an improved health and an improved way of living.

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