Lips are beauty points in a human body, especially for women. You can treat them through natural or artificial methods and still enjoy them looking beautiful and plump. Big lips look so beautiful and attractive hence; most of the ladies are taking all efforts to ensure their lips look fuller than they are in reality. This is safer than taking a surgery which can turn out regretful than you had expected. Surgical lip plumping is painful and expensive while the fake lips are so safe and cheap. It is thus advisable to go for the fake lips of which it’s not a must you wear them. You can also opt to stay natural at times.

The following are ways in which you get big fake lips
These are the steps you should follow:
Ensure your face is clean with no makeup. Place all the makeup tools necessary for the process at your reach and stay in front of a mirror in a well-lit room.

Use the lip liner of your choice which should be close to your skin color to act as base and help in making your lips look bigger than they really are. Use a pencil and draw a curve around your cupid bow making a clear definition of the lips and ensure it’s around the lower lip. This is because the lower lip is the best placed to make your lips look bigger.

One of the best ways on how to plump your lips is to ensure that you have lined up your lips from outside since it will give a long lasting base that holds your lipstick for long. You will remove the lipstick at your own time preferably before you go to sleep. To ensure your lips look natural, do not apply the lipstick too far from the edges of your lips. They will appear big and full and no one will realize that they are false lips. You will be the only person who knows the secret. This does not mean you are supposed to withhold it rather, let your friends also look beautiful with big full lips by making them know the secrets too.

Use a colorless lipstick on both of your lips and ensure it is evenly distributed.
In case you cannot follow this process fully, ensure that you seek help from a qualified beautician to do it for you professionally. You will be glad since the outcome will be amazingly beautiful than you expect.

Make sure that you have a flat thick lip brush. This brush will help blend the lipstick and lip liner making them leave an even color on your lips. They will help highlight the cupid bow with bronzer and lip plumper’s to ensure that you have created the definition of fuller and big lips. You will be in a position to obtain a reflection that makes your top lips edges to appear as if they have been pushed a little forward, hence looking bigger.

Use bronzer on the bottom side to make you your lips look naturally big and fuller. Apply the lipstick of your choice and let it be deep colored to enhance the look on the lips. The deep color ensures that you’re your lips look plumper. The upper lip and the lower lip should have an even look. Therefore, you should avoid excess application on either the upper or lower lip. Use a nude lip gross or a lip plumper that will help your lips to have a glowing look to call for attention from the people you meet. The mirror will give you all the mistakes and complements before you leave the house. You will be in a position to rectify them all and leave a gorgeous look.

Before you go bed at night, make sure you that you clear off all the makeup on the face and lips. This will enhance proper circulation of blood on your lips. It allows your lips to relax and make it easy to apply your makeup the following day. In case you sleep with makeup, it will be difficult to obtain big beautiful lips since the previous makeup will obstruct your lip makeup application routine in the morning. Please note that to obtain big fake lips with the above tips, you are required to ensure that your lips are fresh and relaxed.

Most women love stunning looks and above are the best ways through which you can make your lips look bigger. You can seek advice from a beautician and ask him/ her to help you perform the procedure. You will attract attention from everyone you meet since the gorgeous look will make people want to stare at your amazing pout. It is advantageous to have the false lips on a daily basis as you will be in a position to change the color of your lipstick to match with your garments. Obtaining big lips is one of the best and easiest ways only if you are interested to look extra gorgeous.