The idea of luminous graphics lights in the city that never sleeps sounds amazing. Signage is surely an integral part of any restaurant; no doubt it will attract more folks to your café.

Let’s think this way, whenever you visit a coffee shop, what’s the first thing you notice about it? The exteriors first, and then the interior. For a unique, custom, eye-catching signage, consider getting neon light in NYC for your café. They are the ultimate way of drawing a customer’s attention. With its vibrant and bright colors, you can use it both in the day and night time. However, the real magic is when evening emerges and it lights up your whole café. No-one can overlook the visibility of your brand.

Read on to find out more about how hungry customers eat with their eyes and how to get your signage right.

1. Designing your café Signage: Designing your café signage with a neon sign has a couple of options to choose from. You can start with the brand name you can further round-up with different texts. Apart from that ensure the secondary text is in a smaller font than the café’s name.

With the neon lights in NYC, you can stimulate hunger. Through custom neon lights colors, you can ensure that your customers order more food and increase your profits. Isn’t that great?!

2. Make your signage noticeable: Customize the neon signs in NYC with some unique designs to make your sign pop out. Depending upon your restaurant’s specialty, construct interesting and relevant visualizations for your café. You can either get professional help for the customization or draw inspiration from any other brand name.

3. Use Animation: Using a catchy sign that is in-trend today can provide your brand with good publicity on social media too. You can purchase light up write on boards which you can alternate by yourself. There are many other lighted signs which offer multiple display modes like blink, or flash.

4. Perks of Neon Colors: You can have a look at some of the colors example which you can inspire from for your neon lights in NYC. Customize in any form you want to. For example, green is related to health and abundance, orange: comforting color for brain, red: leads to hunger. So, make sure that when you customize neon lights in NYC to use the color scheme as per your goal.  When you combine the perfect neon colors together it will give your café the maximum impact.

Lastly, why not have a look at these tips which can provide you some guidance on which designs you can try out for your signage.

  •    Use light color fonts on a dark background or vice versa.
  •    Use the fonts which your customers can read easily.
  •    Make it up to the point
  •    Keep it according to your brand’s name, color a, d logo
  •    Use a contrasting color scheme

Final thoughts

Many people make the most of visiting a café decision when they look at first glance. That is why your signage plays an important role. Starting from the signs to all the way inside your café, it all affects your bottom line.

It conveys to the potential diners what they might find in your restaurant. Lure your customers by providing a professional and attractive sign.