The scales have shifted and many fathers are staying home to take care of the kids as mothers go earn a living. You don’t even have to be a stay-at-home dad, it could be that evening you stayed in to babysit so Mum could go out and make her hair or spend the evening with her friends (Go you!).

Few things about childcare have attracted more attention than disgruntled fathers left home with the kids. Mom always seems to be on top of everything when you get home so that when you offer to give her the night off and she asks you disbelievingly, “Are you sure you can manage?”, you’re tempted to shrug and reply “How hard can it be?”, to which mum says, “Okay!” and leaves the house expecting the first phone-call before she’s backed out of the driveway.

Enriching the babysitting experience

If you’re looking to enrich your night home with the kids and simultaneously connect with your online community, making memes out of your night could be just the thing for you. The first thing to do is to ensure that nobody is on fire, nobody is setting anybody on fire and there’s generally no fire anywhere around the house. Done? Good! Now let’s get the camera and begin chronicling your night of fun!

You can borrow a leaf from one dad who decided to start an album of memes detailing reasons why his son was crying. Each meme had a photo of the crying child with a caption underneath telling the world why the boy was crying that time. Here are a few captions I thought were exceedingly hilarious:

  1. “He shoved his dinner plate to the ground. Now he wants dinner.”
  2. “He is in a giraffe costume.” (Frankly, I’d cry too).
  3. “We (the parents) asked him to not to hit his brother using a plastic wand”.
  4. “He wanted to see the pictures I was taking, but I didn’t show them to him fast enough. Yes, they are pictures of him crying”.
  5. “I took more than exactly 0 seconds to get that shirt off him”.

There’s a whole world of ideas if you look online, but you get the idea. By creating a meme out of those nightmarish moments when the child is being a tad uncooperative (read ‘bratty’), you can prevent yourself from blowing your top and shaking the child to death.

Also catch the sweet moments

Of course! The tantrum moments give you more to work with humor-wise, but you can also take photos of the heart-tugging moments and share them with the world. We all love a good “Aaaaawwww!!!” moment. Get that funny face the first time they taste some food they haven’t eaten before. Take a video of the first time the kid meets your identical twin brother (other people’s identical twins work just as well).

Creating a meme is the easiest thing, and it will give you something to look back on and laugh with the child once they’re grown enough to understand (it’s also leverage for when they start misbehaving). To begin, visit online sites to create a meme, and turn your father-child experiences into a chronicle of the best days of your life.