Flowers, made our life beautiful they have given us a reason to smile day are there in gardens as a part of the beauty we use them as ornaments and to give people on various occasions as a part of a reading and some of them to eat and cook as well we derived natural colors from them and many other important sources that are used later on to make more products for our skin.

There are two kinds of flowers: one that is a budding flower that rises out of a bud and does not give any fruit; others are flower trees that give out the flowers first and then the fruits. Nowadays florists in Bangalore are very easily able to grow flowering trees in the universities and then get it delivered to your house so that you can use them in your garden.

Flowering trees can prepare your garden for upcoming parties for the spring season. Something new when we  get up in the morning and fresh air and fragrance so that you don’t have to use anything alcohol-based.

The most important thing while you are thinking of getting a tree planted in a garden is that you should have enough space for them to thrive and proper spaces between 3 to 4 trees to make it a beautiful round off for your garden.

You must make sure to check in your neighborhood which are the flowering trees that are trying well so that you can grow them in your garden and suppose if you are not able to find too many flowering trees because most of your neighbors and plants that it is much better to go and consult a florist in Bangalore & cakes in bangalore who would help you out with details that which plant was too to the soil that is there in your garden or it would grow up to be the best.

Another important thing about your trees is that you need to have the same florists keep check on the trees year after year for any diseases and for being taken care of properly if you use any kind of fertilizer and make sure that they are completely organic and natural.

When you are in a nursery or a new order these plants from the florist in Bangalore you have to make sure that you visit their nursery or their plantation area and plants properly and then ask them to grow this for you and then get them delivered. So let’s check out those flower trees for your garden that will make everything look exceptional.

1)  Magnolia

Magnolia is a kind of shrub that has only a few amounts of leaves and the flowers emerge automatically during the spring season. Magnolia is found in colors such as pink, blue and in India, we have a scene in orange color. So if you want to welcome you, guests, to a beautiful garden full of fresh flowers. You can plant trees with a distance of at least three meters between each tree, because they expand too much and when kept close would knit with each other. This plant does not require too much care, just some regular water. Good old organic soil is enough.

2) Burgundy leaf cherry tree 

There are many species found of cherry trees and one of them is a cherry tree with burgundy leaves, it’s an ornamental plant and the leaves are a combination of three different colors that during sunlight appear burgundy and those flowers included red, brown and purple it is because of the reflection of light that we see various colors of these leaves and flowers that grow tinted dark pink and baby pink colored base flowers. Florists in Bangalore can very easily help you with the whole growing process. Although it is grown as a regular shrub that its height will reach around 7 to 8 feet and if you properly take care of it and grow it like a tree then the height would be around 14 to 16 feet. We can see cherry trees in full bloom during April.

3) Rose Of Sharon 

Rose of Sharon is a small plant and when it grows up to be large it would not be like those really hard base 10 trees but it would be a plant tree of around 12 to 14 feet but not very strong, yet green and has five colors available like white, pink, lavender, blue and red. This flower can get a lot of attention in your garden as it has a blooming time of around 5 months starting from June to October.Rose of Sharon is a nice shrub and all it needs is some good organic soil and if that is homemade it would be amazing and the regular water and sunlight. It would be great to look at during morning and evening, plus fresh flowers work in uplifting our moods more than caffeine.

4) Tulip Tree 

Did you ever know that tulips could exist in a tree as well? Yes, there does exist a tulip tree that grows up to 14 feet in length and width and this is just the smallest size when we talk about tulip trees that can grow up to 90 feet tall and 60 feet wide. So if you are looking to plant a really large tree in one corner of your garden, in this case, a tulip tree would be one of the best options. Maybe you can keep a coffee table under your steady tulip tree because of its length and width. This tree provides a lot of shade. The color varies from tree to tree but mostly it is seen in tinted yellow and orange and reddish-orange colors. This tree is a species of magnolia tree only and one of the best things to do when it blooms during May and June is that you can make a bouquet of flowers and  online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city to send them to your loved ones. write for us more latest flowers trees at here.