When you love to work out, you are constantly looking for more gym gear to ensure your comfort. If you have been confused about whether to get leggings or tights, then you have stumbled upon the right place to know that. Keep on reading, to learn the difference and comparisons in this, leggings vs tights battle.

But first, let us explain what are leggings and tights?

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are a type of bottom wear for women that covers the whole length of the legs. It is opaque and gives the feel of pants but in the comfy version. It is usually made of a material, like cotton and spandex, that has elasticity. Furthermore, it can be worn on its own as a fashionable piece of clothing, paired with your tops and tunics. The leggings are a comfortable option for casual wear. You can even rock leggings as party wear, as they do come in leather versions as well.

What Are Active Tights?

Active tights are another type of bottom wear for women that are made to be worn while doing workouts or running activities. They are made from a highly stretchable opaque material that allows easy movement during a workout. They fit tightly around your legs to compress muscles to avoid strain on them. Not only that, they are great to maintain the health of the legs in the long run.

Know The Difference Between Leggings & Tights     


Leggings: Leggings are usually made from a thick material that is a mixture of cotton and spandex. This makes them good for regular wear but not for active training as the cotton will hold the sweat and does not dry rapidly.

Tights: While tights, on the other hand, are made from a mixture of nylon/spandex or polyester/spandex. This ensures easy that sweat is absorbed and dried quickly, which makes them ideal wear for workouts or running.


Leggings: When it comes to comfort, leggings are undoubtedly more comfortable than tights. This is because leggings are soft and smooth for everyday wearing. They are made to feel comfortable.

Tights: While tights are meant to fit tightly to support your leg muscles during intense training or workout. They, however, can get uncomfortable for everyday normal wear. But they are super comfortable for any type of workout.


Leggings: Leggings are made in a knitting pattern where cotton and spandex are knitted together. They feature a thin waistband and covers the whole of your legs.

Tights: Tights are made in a woven pattern, which makes them more elastic and durable. In addition, the waistband of the active tights is wide so that it stays in place while moving during a workout. They come in the full leg covering version, and also in Capri style. Some of them also feature net panels that help in easy heat release to regulate temperature.


Leggings: Leggings are easy to maintain, as they can be machine washed normally with your other clothes. But, tights require special care, when it comes to maintaining them.

Tights: Tights can lose their elasticity and structure if the water is too hot. Machine wash can damage them and stretch them unnecessarily with other clothes. It is advised that they should be hand washed with normal water gently to make sure they last longer in their functionality.


Leggings: While wearing leggings has no particular advantages when used for running or workout purposes, other than comfort, of course. They are not ideal for wearing during active activities.

Tights: Tights are specifically made to take care of your leg muscles and joints, as it holds and compresses them in place. They are good for the health of the legs if you’re avidly involved in training, running, or workouts.

There you have it, all the major things that you should know about leggings vs tights. They both have their place and usability for you, whatever may be your need. You can choose one for yourself depending on what your requirements are.

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