We’ve all had a job where we’ve found that the expectations on us are too much to handle. It really sucks when you love working in a specific business but can’t deal with all of the pressure that is being placed upon you. This can lead to work burn out and may have you scrolling down job advertisement websites sooner than you think. So, what can you do it about it? Well, for starters you can actually learn how to say “no” to your boss. Don’t worry, if you play your decisions right then you won’t get fired. In fact, you may find that they actually start to offer you more support.

Don’t people please

No matter what sort of job you have, you could be a business manager, a top-end lawyer or even just a Hounslow escort, you will find yourself occasionally trying to please the people you work with. It may just be through them giving you an additional assignment, but to the worse extent, it could literally be them dumping someone else’s duties on you.

The first thing you need to learn is how to stop trying to appease everybody that you meet. You have nothing that you need to prove to your colleagues. Instead, you should be focusing on your own work and keeping it at a high-quality. You shouldn’t be working on someone else’s work just to make them happy. If you do this then your work might suffer. Don’t allow people to manipulate you into doing more than you are required to do. You are not a robot and can only do so much.

Remain polite at all times

When you are at the end of your tether, it can be really difficult to speak to your boss without feeling like you are going to snap. Should you allow this to happen then it’s pretty much going to be “game over.” That’s why you need to always remain polite when your boss asks you to take on more work.

Yes, you may want to scream to the high heavens that you don’t want to do it, but remember that you have a job in a professional business. People have high expectations of you and you need to remain calm. Remain assertive and direct but never rude. If you do that then this may make you boss dislike you and, therefore, be more inclined to give you more work to do despite your busy timetable.

Valid Honesty

It’s time to let your boss know how busy you are actually are. You can’t just say no to a task because you just don’t feel like it. That would give your boss ample reason to fire you. Instead, don’t be afraid to give your boss a legitimate reason why you can’t take on any more work. This could be because you already have a ton of work to be stressed about, or maybe because you don’t feel qualified to take on a new assignment.  A good boss should value your feedback and try and support you getting your workload completed. If a task is important they may even recommend that you push your other deadlines back to make room for it. This should ease your workload and, honestly, make your boss respect you more for being truthful. Never lie to your boss.

Alternative Solutions

Instead of saying flat out “no” to people, try thinking of alternative solutions to help take on the assignment without it damaging your reputation or work quality. For instance, if you have already made plans on Friday night, and your boss has said you need to stay late, recommend either coming in on Saturday for a few hours or Monday morning. If you show your boss different options, this can show that you are willing to be flexible with your time and are not just avoiding taking on more work. This means that you and your boss get a win-win situation.

Set Boundaries

You don’t just want to be a walking doormat for your boss. After all, you need to have a life outside of work, or else you may find that your mental health and stress levels may not be in the best of shape. You need time to switch off and relax, meaning that you can’t just work every minute of the day. That’s why it’s crucial that you set boundaries from the start.

When you start at a new job, yes, it is exciting and you want to prove that you are a good employee, but at the same time, you don’t want to give your boss the impression that you will do anything that they throw at you. This will give your boss an unreasonable impression of how much you can take on.

It can be scary to say to your boss that you can only do so much, for instance, work from a set time to another, but it’s either that or lose your social life altogether. So, make sure to be blunt and say that you can only do so much in your job. Your boss does not want to hear any complaints from you about the work-life quality aspect of their business, so they may be willing to hear you out.

Make a formal complaint

Now, this should mostly be used as a last resort, after you have spoken with your boss or with your work colleagues and nothing has changed. If you have tried your best to stay on the good side of your peers, but have found that nothing is getting better, it may be time to speak to the HR department about it. Don’t just go in there empty-handed. Instead, write down everything that you are currently busy with and explain why the expectations of your boss and peers are too high. You should also explain how you have tried to handle it yourself and how nothing has changed. If you have a good HR department then you may find that they speak to the appropriate people and sort out a compromise.

Free yourself from your work-load

It’s never nice to feel like a doormat. Sometimes in your effort to please everyone around you, and validate that you are good at your job, you let them walk all over you. Well, that sort of attitude needs to change. You need to start letting your boss know your actual feelings. If you are honest and have a valid reason, you should find that life actually starts to get better for you. You just need to be able to find your voice.