Building a shed on your own can be a pretty exciting and exhausting task at the same time. But if you have premium shed plans from, then the entire process can become not only enjoyable but will make you end up creating the best shed you might have ever imagined.

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  1. Requirements for the shed:

The first thing you should find and check is whether your state or local government allows you to erect a shed on the land that you have occupied or not. In some states, the residents are supposed to take permission from the government bodies before they start building a shed. Once you have got the permit, then you can start deciding over the size and design of the shed. You can either choose a lean-to-shed (6X10) or hip shed (16X24).

  1. Shop the materials:

One of the perks of getting your personalized shed building premium plan is that you will also get a complete shopping list of the materials mentioned on the 3Dshedplans. It means that when you will go for shopping materials then you will have a full-fledged list and there will be nothing missed out while shopping.

  1. Building the foundation:

When you are about to start with the shed building process, then you need to build the foundation first. It is the base of your project and that is why it has to be the strongest. It has to be made from timber that is pressure treated. Be sure that you also use tongue and groove plywood that is ¾” and this will be used for decking the foundation in the floor.

  1. Collect all the materials required for foundation building including timber and hardware.
  2. Make sure you build the foundation at the place where you want to erect the shed.
  3. The selected place has to be clean and flat so that the shed can be firmly and evenly erected.
  4. Start with the building of shed’s exterior frame as it will serve as an outline.
  5. Make bands and joists by cutting the timber just according to the outline of your shed and then nail them firmly into respected places so that the plumb can be fitted well.
  6. Place skids right below shed’s frame.
  7. Once the foundation is completed, you will have to lay down the floor. Cut the tongue and groove plywood. Use galvanized nails for nailing it onto the already built frame.
  1. Build the front and back wall:

After foundation, you will have to build front and back wall.

  1. Build the frame of the front wall first. This wall will also have a cut out of shed door.
  2. Start working on inwards studs. Keep a gap of 9” between inward studs and exterior frame.
  3. Cut a cutout for the garage door. It is totally up to you whether you want to build the door by yourself or you can even install a readymade garage door with rollers.
  4. Do not forget nailing a siding of T1-11 to the wall.
  5. Build the back wall. It is very simple as there are no cutouts for the door or windows. Just finish it off with the siding of T1-11.
  1. Build side walls:

Side walls are easy to build. One of the two walls will house a window. You can choose the wall which shall house a window depending upon your choice.

  1. Gather all the required building materials and your lumber too.
  2. Build the frame of the wall, then it will be easy for you to build the wall inwards in which you will have to complete the cripple and wall studs.
  3. Cut the limber just according to the measurements mentioned on the plan. In this way, you can fit the window well. Nail the siding called T1-11 by using the nails and now the wall is ready to be erected. Once the walls are erected, and then make sure you fix them securely with the foundation by using temporary connectors. You can remove them once they are permanently fixed.
  4. Build the roof:

This is the most difficult part, as you will need to build the rafters before the construction of the actual roof.

  1. If the shed is 10X16 in size, then you will need 20 rafters. Once they are ready then install gussets on each side.
  2. One gusset will be for one rafter and you will fix them with the help of nails. Complete the roof skeleton.
  3. Install the shingles:
  4. Once the felts are installed and the OSB sheathing is in place, then start layering them. Take asphalt shingles to complete the roof. Take help from the plan for putting shingles for completing the roof.
  5. Asphalt is the strongest material for roof building.
  6. OSB sheathing is exactly compatible with all type of shingles.
  7. Install the trims and soffits. Soffits will be installed on the eves of the shed.
  8. Now the shed is complete.
  9. You can paint the outer side of the shed to make it look aesthetically beautiful.