Accidents happens and it often have large rippling effect in the family and loved ones. When a death occurred as a result of injury, it often fall under the category of personal injury compensation claim.  The most common type of wrongful death often involves the following situation:

Wrongful death as a result of catastrophic car accident injury claim

Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA) is the insurer for third-party compulsory insurance. If the wrongful death caused by a motor vehicle accident in WA, there may be scope for the family to receive compensation. The law in this area is complex, it is very important that the family and the love ones of the deceased seek qualified legal advice.

Wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice

We trust doctors and medical professionals, however, doctors do make mistakes from time to time. When the mistake caused the life of the loved ones, this will have large impact the life of the dependence. There laws in Western Australia to protect the interests of the dependences of wrongful death due to a medical malpractice. However, the process could be long and specialised expertise is often required. The best way to get compensation for wrongful death is to consult a good medical malpractice lawyer.

Wrongful death as a result of workplace accident

Workplace accidents happen every day. Although there rules and laws to protect the safety of employees, accidents still do happen. In Western Australia, workplace accident claims are administered by WorkCover WA. The law about workers compensation, and common law claims in WA is complex. A good workers compensation lawyer should be able to help the family of the fatally injured worker.

When wrongful death occurs, it often the case that a source of family income will no longer exists. On top of that, there additional funeral expenses, and other expenses relating to the dealing of the losses. At this point, most of the family members or dependants of the deceased are overwhelmed by the loss and financial pressures. The truth is not many of the family members have the additional resources and mental strength to deal with a personal injury claim.

This is a situation where a no win no fee lawyer will really add values to the claim.

Firstly, the no win no fee policy often means that family will have nothing to pay until the claim is settled. This will help to reduce the financial pressure associated with running an injury claim.

Secondly, the no win no fee lawyers who specialise in personal injury claim are often experts in the area of law. The reason these lawyers can provide no win no fee representation is because they are confident that they can win or reach successful settlement of the claim for their client. Essentially, if a no win no fee lawyer is prepared to take on the claim, this is a good sign.

Thirdly, the no win no fee lawyers will do the work for the on the background when the family is busy getting on with their lives.

Overall, wrongful death in the family is a difficult situation for many involved, however, there are solutions to make it easier. Talk to a no win no fee lawyer, and see how they can help.