With the advancement of technology, the competition in every industry is also rising. One of such high competitive space is web development. We surrounded with millions of web sites today, but only an intuitive website is able to remain in the forefront. This calls for continuously upgrading web sites. As users’ are demanding higher user experiences from a web site.  Thus, I have jotted down 10 latest web development trends of 2017. These are highly imperative for any Web Development Company in India. If you are looking more services please visit SEO services in India.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI is really emerging as a leader. It’s known to render a great consumer experience. Moreover, it doesn’t disappoint its users when it comes to price. The development is fairly affordable and quick. Some prominent brands like Apple, Google and Facebook are using this technology.

Static site generators

Websites are no longer static rather they have evolved into a dynamic one. Thus, bloggers are looking for websites trend which renders minimized costs, performance driven, along with high speed and security. Thus, we have static generators which can simply convert plain content into static blogs or even websites for that matter. It’s a great way to create intuitive websites.

VR integrated technologies

Virtual reality technology is the most popular technology among developers due to its popularity. It has already started dominating the gaming industry. In fact, popular search engines have already begun its work to develop APIs with integrated VR technology. Developers are continuously raising the standards of VR technologies. Its market is expanding and they will soon become an integral part of applications in multiple niches. The future with VR technology is bright.

IOT devices

IOT- internet of things, is an essential part, where non internet connected tools access to network connectivity. Its basic purpose is to receive and send useful information. We have a range of such devices for example toaster, motor sensors and so on. The demand and market of such devices are expanding. Hence, many companies have already commenced the working of APIs supported by IOT technologies. IOT is gaining momentum and unfolds huge opportunities for innovation.

Expand with Angular 2

This framework has increased its popularity with a limited span of time. Angular 2 was released in 2016 and led lot of changes in the world of innovation. One of such example is Google’s Java script, which witnessed complete redesigning with the coming of Angular 2. Due to which the framework is incorporated with features like ES6 features of Javascript. This has enabled it to write applications in TypeScript. Moreover, this framework is in no mood to stop here. Its developers are continuously updating the software with all latest technology.

Yarn Package manager

Another popular tool in the field of technologies is Package managers. Its popularity is due to its ease in install, uninstall, update and configure settings. The most widely used package managers are NPM and bower. The software is rapidly updating itself to out beat its performance when comes to security and consistency.

Quickly wrapping it up

The market of web development is rapidly expanding and updating with all latest technology. These were the few latest trends considered as the future of web development companies. Hence, one should undertake them to remain in the forefront.