Do you find yourself falling asleep at work? Is it necessary to drink several cups of coffee just to get through the day? Being a morning person is not always easy. With the following four tips, you can adjust to a better schedule and find you have more time to enjoy listening to the birds wake up.

Cutting back on-screen time in the evening

Did you know playing on your cell phone or watching television to relax is doing the opposite late at night? The National Sleep Foundation says 90 percent of people use technology to help them fall asleep when in actuality these devices are making the problem worse. Blue light causes people to go into REM sleep much later than usual. It delays a person’s natural clock. Even a half an hour break before sleeping is helpful, but most experts suggest one or two hours or longer for the best rest.

Get a customizable bed

To sleep with your head higher than your feet to reduce heartburn, or to reduce swelling in your legs with your feet higher than your heart, it takes a bed that adjusts. Piling up pillows and trying to use blankets is not very easy, especially if you toss and turn a lot. Adjustable beds let you get more comfortable. Some people want a firmer bed or have a partner that prefers the opposite. A bed you can customize for each of your needs can reduce snoring, ease pains and aches, and give you the rest you need to wake up on time.

Cutting off meals at least three hours before going to bed

Besides the dread of gaining weight, there are a few other reasons to avoid late night snacking and bedtime meals. Many people have heartburn that keeps them awake into the wee hours of the morning when eating too close to bedtime. If you do not wake up hungry, then you may want to skip breakfast. This pattern can throw off your entire schedule and lead to other problems like binge eating, stomach pain, crankiness, and feeling super tired after lunch. Eating before bed can make it impossible to go overnight without getting up to go to the bathroom and interrupting your rest and sleep cycle.

Sleep better with the right temperature bedroom

Are you a one leg under the blanket and one leg out sleeper? Sometimes, using a fan year-round can help you sleep. The white noise of fans is usually soothing, and the cool air prevents sweating at night. Some mattress manufacturers use gel technology to prevent mattresses from heating up too much. Replacing your bed every eight years or sooner can reduce the build-up of sweat, dust, and dead skin keeping you comfortable.

Remember, caffeine is a stimulant that can affect your sleep hours after drinking it. If you want to get up between four and six in the morning, then you may want to cut the caffeine after dinner or even work. Some people find it takes a full twelve hours to get rid of the effects of a cup of coffee or a glass of soda. Using these tips and a sleep journal can help you find ways to get better rest at night and wake up before the alarm goes off.