Security cameras are a boon. Just since the time they came into existence, they have been everywhere. From frantic parents to strict employers, there has been no category of individuals who haven’t been benefitted from these advanced security systems. There are so many different types of security cameras available that you might just get confused with what type you should buy. There are camera systems classified in terms of how they operate but the resolution factor is something to consider at the very outset. 4mp security camera system is the best when it comes to getting a security camera on a budget.

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4mp Security Camera System

Battery Based Cameras

The 4mp security camera system generally comes in a wireless set up and is highly popular because of the ease of use. In fact, the security system of this type barely needs much beef even when it comes to the initial set up. The battery based 4mp camera security systems come in innovative designs too and that means it is free from all the complicated wiring for transmission, power or anything else. Additionally, you will not even have to bother with battery life either. The usual battery span is about five to six months for a single charge. Another feature related to design of the 4mp security camera systems of the battery type CCTV is that these come with motion sensor too that helps reduce false motion-based alarms. If you are too caught up with issues such as limited power and Wi-Fi connectivity, then pick up from 4mp security camera systems that come with 4G-based connectivity.

LTE-Based Camera

This is an LTE-based camera security system and is popularly called cellular camera. If the SIM card is in there, the camera will be up and running. The biggest advantage of this camera system is that this works everywhere. The 4mp security camera system variants of cellular cameras are ideal for homes.

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4mp Security Camera System

PTZ Camera

The 4mp security camera systems saw a new lease of life with the advent of a variant called PTZ camera. While most of you must have heard how popular this kind is, not many must have had an idea of its benefits. In the simplest terms, the PTZ camera variant help you control. Simply put PTZ secure the tilt, zoom and pan features of the camera, from any location you might be at. Remote operations are possible and gives you tightened security like you might have never imagined. Alternately known as speed dome camera, these variants use specific software for surveillance. Having said that, it is important to know that the PTZ camera variant gives more range in terms of view. That’s to say, a PTZ camera has more coverage. Therefore, even objects that move seemingly far away will be able to be zoomed upon. For instance, even at 30 feet away, the numbers of a car can be legitimately read.

Bullet Security Camera

Another 4mp security camera systems accessory doing popular rounds these days is the bullet security camera.  Normally, most surveillance cameras you see around are of this variant. The camera systems are called so because they come shaped like a rifle bullet. The bullet type camera specifically gives close views at certain angles of tilt. The set viewing angle is 80-degree horizontal scale wise and about 40 degrees on a vertical level. However, the pan and tilt features are manually maneuvered. This camera style is compact and sleek, thus prone to be non-noticeable when placed on any premise or properly.

Choose a 4mp security camera system as per the features you think you might be needing once you settle on the budget factor.