In today’s world, you can almost do everything that you can think of as long as you have an internet connection. Do-it-yourself or DIY projects can be easily searched on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Most of these videos are elaborate enough that even those without experience can understand the project easily. So it is not surprising that a lot of people are thinking of roof spray their own roof and maybe “save” money.

However, there are always factors to consider when it comes to doing DIY projects. First is your level of experience in the given subject. The second one is the amount of budget that you can spare for spraying your roof. And last but not least is the time you can spare to make the project yourself. Here’s a guide to help you decide on whether it is better to DIY or hire a roof spray professional.

  1. Based On Your Level Of Experience

When it comes to spray-painting the roof, your level of experience in handling the equipment, as well as navigating the roof, are both important factors. The best thing that could happen for an inexperienced person without proper guidance is to ruin his or her roof, with the worst part being death because of an accident.

When to DIY: Only DIY roof spraying if you have experiences in similar tasks. This is because most of the beginners in roof spray will focus on spraying the roof than focusing on their safety. There are also roof spray techniques which need experience to successfully execute.

When to hire a professional: When you don’t have any experience in roof spraying or working in the roof, and you don’t have someone to guide you while working, it is better to seek for a professional roof spray service provider companies like Rekote Roofing Wollongong. The reason for this is because professionals know the right techniques to navigate and do their jobs, as well as safety tools to avoid nasty fall.

  1. Based In The Budget

Another important option is the budget that you can spare for this project. When working on different kinds of roof, there are different roofs and roof problems that can endanger the painter. In addition, renting out equipment needed for the job might be more expensive than hiring a professional painter.

When to DIY: If you already have the needed equipment or know someone who can lend you one, this might be something to consider if you want to learn the skill. Make sure to acquire help or training from your acquaintance.

When to hire a professional: There are times when hiring a professional will save you more money. Roof Spray equipment can be costly, and might not be worth it if you only spray-paint the roof once in a while.

  1. Based In The Time Available

Last but not least, is your availability in learning how to spray paint in the roof. With different materials and different roof slopes and designs, training is a must to achieve the quality of work and safety. In this factor, your reason for spraying your roof is an important factor.

When to DIY: Learning how to Spray-paint a roof is possible if you really make a time to learn the craft. It is a skill that has a long learning curve and requires a lot of experience to achieve an experienced status. This would make sense if you plan to make a living out of it.

When to hire a professional: However, if you just want your roof to be sprayed, and you would rather do something different with your time, it is better to call a professional.


Although spraying a roof seems like an easy task, there is a safety risk that comes with it. In choosing between a DIY project or hiring a roof spray professional, consider your experience, your time, and your budget. Making the right decision will save you from a lot of hassles and unfortunate events.