Italy and design are two words synonymous. In the world of design expression – from industrial design and art to fashion and furniture – the whole planet usually starts looking for inspiration from the specific country!

The current Italian style in the decoration is the perfect look for a modern home. It has simple lines, without many objects, is very visible and very practical. You can live very easily within this environment and give you the ultimate sense of luxury and well-being. Choose it for your space because it emphasizes designer objects and why it shows glamorous but also contemporary look.

Walls, paint, objects

The base of the combination to achieve the authentic Italian style of decoration should be white! Not creamy or broken white, but a bright, plain and pure white. Painting walls and ceilings in white, will give your room a modern feel and better show off the rest of the furniture and objects. If you want not to choose the white, selectively, you can use as a base a very stylish gray.

You can add color – a bright contrast color, only in accessories and furnishings. Prefer softly neutral colors or a bright red or a bright, yet trendy color, such as orange, yellow and green creating a ceramic tiles pattern in your white kitchen for example and the result will be awesome.

Wallpapers make it even more appealing. A good purchase would be wallpaper that will highlight the contemporary style of your space.


You do not need a lot of furniture. Besides, in this particular style, the more is less! Few, well-chosen, and quality pieces will have a better result than many cheaper. The expensive Italian style requires cutting-edge appearance – with emphasis on function, shape and style in particular.

You should choose simple, large, comfortable, modern sofas and chairs that will combine leather and metal. Black or brown color is a classic, neutral choice – although in the furniture you can take the opportunity to add some other colors too.

The rest of the furniture should also be of good quality. Choose simple and contemporary items of wood, acrylic, chrome or glass and combine them with beautiful antiques. Look for one or two pieces that will stand out and make the difference from the overall set of your furniture.





The modern look with simple lines should continue on the floor, which should be followed by white, gray, black or pale shades to match the white walls.

Wood is the most acceptable and perhaps the most ideal choice if you want a warmer feel for your home. Take care of the wooden floor that you choose to have a stylish finish, be painted in a shade that will match your space and do not polish it! The polished floors are completely unmatched in that style!

The Persian carpets will look perfect – and you will well add this air of luxury, age and elegance. If you cannot have such a carpet, then you prefer modern, large, monochrome and textured carpets of wool or even leather.


You do not have to fill your space with many objects and decorative items. Basically, the exact opposite you should do! Although you should not “empty” the space as much as in the very minimal style, generally adopt the same basic principles. Every object should have … reason to exist and fit with the general set. Do not leave the surfaces – on tables, buffets and benches – empty, but do not fill them.

Prefer to place your most precious and beautiful items on your own so as to re-create, and in some places create “teams” by placing more – but not too many – together.

Choose items of leather, crystal, wood or ceramic, as long as they are of a strong character. Modern vases and ceramics will fit perfectly.

Finally, do not forget that you can use a little bit of color, but  do not overdo it.