When it comes to dress options for Muslim women, Abaya is the second most common thing that comes to one’s mind after Burqa.

Abaya is basically a long and loose robe like dress worn by Muslim women. but these days many stylish abaya designs are also available.

There is a Dubai styled abaya which looks really very pretty and one can easily carry them by pairing them with some stylish scarves. Now it completely depends on you that how will you style the scarves with the abaya. You can carry a casual look with that or a very chic look with that. Then there is the Turkish styled abaya which looks very fashionable because it has proper embellishments all over the body. A woman can wear them with a designed hair scarf. This can increase the beauty of the entire attire. Unlike a few years back, these days’ women do experiment a lot with the abaya. A couple of years ago Muslim women were more used to black coloured abayas which were plain and long. But at present, they have started experimenting with the looks and styles of abaya. In fact, these days’ abayas are not only available in black colour but one can find them in solid colours as well as in prints. Also new cuts and styles have also been introduced which makes it look stylish. These days one can easily pair up the simple abayas with some printed scarves to make a new fashion statement.

Now, these days the abaya has to major styles. There is the one which one can wear from the shoulders and then there is the other style which can be worn from the top of the head. Those who have some knack of styles can make a lot of changes in the cut of abayas. They can add some designs on the neck lines or on the back and also on the cuff links. One can also add some flair on the sleeves and ribbons and crystals on the body work of the abaya.

One can make their own style statements with their abaya. For example, if  you wear an abaya, try to wear it with a broad belt. Adding a belt can actually change your entire outfit and how it looks on you. Even if you are wearing a dull and solo coloured abaya, wearing a belt can give a nice break to it. If you are going for a coffee date with a special friend or a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, then you can always take this style in your account. Go for a vibrant coloured belt or a metallic belt which stands out from the dull coloured abaya and it will give a nice break to the dress.

If one wants to buy abaya online, then they can easily search for modest dressing sites. They can offer you a lot of styles and ranges when it comes to abayas. One can also choose from the variety of colours and prints that are available now.