Turkey is famous for the low cost of its medical procedures. The many affordable clinics operating in the country have made it possible for people of all financial situations to secure operations and treatments which in other parts of the world are reserved only for the wealthiest few. There are a number of surgeries for which Turkey is particularly popular. We’ll be discussing the most noteworthy of them in this article. 

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is perhaps the jewel in Turkey’s low-cost medical care crown. Turkey’s hair transplantation industry is worth more than $1 billion to the country, which is remarkably impressive when one considers how little its clinics charge for treatment. For example, a medical tourist can secure follicular unit extraction in a Turkish clinic for in or around $5000. You may not understand the significance of this at first, but that $5000 price becomes jaw-dropping when you learn that many hair restoration clinics in the United States charge upwards of $20,000 for the same treatment. Turkey can also boast to have pioneered some of the most innovative methods of hair restoration ever introduced. These include sapphire FUE, which promises minimal recovery time yet effective results.

Dental Care 

While a hair transplant is a personal choice, dental care is something none of us can do without. This is something dentists in the Western world tend to abuse for their own gain. Knowing their services are essential, many dentists in America charge thousands of dollars for seemingly straightforward treatments. A crown, for example, could set you back upwards of $1700 in the United States. Thankfully, this is not the case in Turkey. Travel to Turkey for your dental work and you could get a quality crown fitted for as little as $200! 

Brazilian Butt Lift 

The Brazilian butt lift is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. The aim of BBL surgery is to reshape the rear and the area surrounding it to create an aesthetic that is visually pleasing. This is done by extracting fat from another portion of the patient’s body and injecting it into the rear. When performed correctly, BBL surgery can give a patient greater confidence and comfort. The only problem is it can get a little pricey. Undergo BBL surgery in the United States and you can expect to pay as much as $12,000 (you can find a more detailed breakdown of BBL prices by visiting this article). In Turkey, a patient can secure a Brazilian butt lift for less than $3000 and still be certain of quality treatment and long-lasting results. 


The rhinoplasty – more commonly referred to as a “nose job” – is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. This is largely because it is a straightforward and widely available procedure. Additionally, people tend to feel self-conscious about their nose more so than other parts of their body, so there has been a market for rhinoplasties for as long as mirrors have existed. Because they are so popular, nose jobs often come with a pretty hefty price tag. It’s not uncommon to hear about some poor patient in the United States paying more than $6000 for one. You could cut that number in half by traveling to Turkey. In fact, you could very well end up paying less than $3000 for a rhinoplasty in a Turkish clinic!