What is your new year resolutions like? I guess traveling is one of them, but you are not sure about a place like San Francisco, and you’re thinking, why would I go to a place like San Francisco? Well, I am here to convince you that San Francisco is one place you should write in your bucket list. Why? Wow, a lot of reasons.

San Francisco holds some of the best beaches in the world. Hence it becomes impossible for tourists to choose the perfect one according to their preference.

San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California, I know what you are thinking, why the population. It is because of the political communities and the diverse culture. The city is endowed with hilly terrain, serene beauty and world class finest restaurants. At least you have an idea how San Francisco looks like, but let me point out reasons why you should travel to San Francisco.

  • Weather: San Francisco has one of the best weather anywhere in the world as it gives this comfort to live in, there is this possibility that as a tourist, you may be tempted to move there because of the scenic weather. Tourists seem to fall in love with the city because of the weather.
  • Shopping: San Francisco can always be an option to travel because of the shops that occupy the city. It has one of the largest shopping neighborhoods in all of USA.
  • Culture: This city is a melting pot of culture as you can find varieties of food because of the people of San Francisco. Here you can find the Asians, African-Americans, Latinos and many others. They welcome anyone with their hearts open.
  • Largest and Oldest Chinatown: The Chinatown that is located on Grant Avenue in San Francisco is the oldest in North America and of course, the largest outside Asia. It still retains the customs, languages, social identity and worship places. Visitors that come around buy herbs and souvenirs such as ancient potions here. They give a sense of attraction with their museum.
  • Art and Museums: San Francisco has classical and contemporary arts collection, stored in the museums of art with aquariums, planetariums and more. The collections are splendid which makes the museum worth a visit. Asian art Museum, The Exploratorium are just some few important venues that encompass artistic, cultural, historical or scientific objects.
  • Festivities: Living in San Francisco is enjoyed because of the numerous street fairs and festivals that happen almost every weekend from April to October and these festivals are free of costs.
  • Segway Tours: Ok I know this isn’t as historic as some of the above or has as a significant cultural impact but imagine segwaying your way through the beautiful streets of san Francisco!

Due to the climatic conditions of San Francisco, it has made it the city to have scenic florals and plants growing in the city. This helps beautify the city and makes visitors have a nostalgic feel that when they come, they would not want to leave.