A lot of people choose Indonesia for their vacation. It is a worldwide famous destination, really known for its great beaches and its history too.

You can either explore the capital of Indonesia and stay at a luxury hotel Jakarta has in a really interesting variety or you can go straight ahead to the numerous islands of the country, starting from Bali.

If you are only going to stay 7 days in the Bali, then definitely stay in Ubud, of course and you can make excursions to all places of interest! Assuming the most interesting places are there.

General suggestions for those visiting the Ubud region:

  1. Monkey forest. Located in the center of Ubud, a special experience, the mummies in this park are familiar with people, so if you do not keep food, do not be afraid!
  2. Tegalalang rice fields. Get the stairs to some of the coffee there, it’s so beautiful! An excursion here on the outskirts of Ubud could be combined with a visit to the Temple of Tirta Empul (it has springs with sacred water, a sanctuary where the faithful swim) and in the village of Penglipuran.
  3. Antonio Blanco Museum ,. There are 3-4 other art museums in Ubud but this is considered to be special. These are works by the Dali of Ubud, an eccentric Spanish painter who settled in Bali in the 1950s and his works are inspired by the island.
  4. Performances by balloon dances Legong – Barong. The most impressive of the performances you will see is in the temple lying between café Lotus and Starbucks.
  5. Performances from Kecak dance (subsequent dance of men in a circle repeating the word kecak). At Umbuds, you can see this dance at the temple in the middle of Jalan Suweta Street, but not as good here as the famous Uluwatu temple at the southern tip of the island.
  6. Ride in paddy fields. The most touristic route is the so-called Campuhan Ridge Walk. It starts from the very picturesque Gunung Lebah Temple and ends up in the village of Sebali. From the point where you end up, if you continue straight ahead you will find Karsa Spa.This route is very short but beautiful. The second route, which I suggest and definitely deserve, starts from Sari and ends in the beautiful village of Kelabang Moding. It takes about an hour, but beware, because the sign you reach is a bit in the middle of nowhere and to get back to the center you need another hour of footpath.

By the way, with the go-ojek application, you can call a motorcycle wherever you are, to transport you. Uber and grabtaxi applications for regular taxis operate in the southern part of the island mainly this is something that changes due to conflict with local taxis.

  1. For food in Ubud, you can try the local “specialty” in the early hours of the day babi guling = pork with spicy spices, my favorite is in Gung Cung. For more major restaurants I will recommend Terracotta and Bamboo Indah not for their meals (which are mediocre for me) but for the wonderful landscape – environment! Honestly it’s a paradise!

Bamboo Indah is part of a big business that promotes ecological bamboo constructions. Apart from a factory, luxurious villas, a hotel, a restaurant, all made exclusively from bamboo, there is also the so-called Green School for children of rich ecosystem conscious expats. However, interesting tours are taking place in all these facilities for those interested in these original constructions.

Apart from these, there are many other options, Tegenungan Falls, Lake Veratan, Temple of Ulun Danu Beratan, Tanah Lot Temple, Amed – Tulamben for snorkeling or diving, that you can see on one day excursions. I advise you not to miss Amed if you like snorkeling.