Photos of your wedding are the things you will look back on in twenty years’ time and gush. There’s nothing like remembering the vivid details of the day, such as the best man’s speech, the dress, and how you both felt. Photographers are worth their weight in gold.

Modern couples like to go one step beyond and video the big day. It makes sense considering a vid captures so much more than a still image. A videographer can shoot your wedding in all its glory, but only if they are up to the job. Considering you’re in charge, it’s your role to pick correctly.

Here are the tricks of the trade to keep in mind.

Never Ask A Friend

To save money, and because it seems like a basic job, you might be tempted to ask a friend. All they have to do is point the camera in the direction of the couple at the ceremony and for the speeches, you say. Of course, it’s ten times trickier than that as there is lighting to consider as well as the angles for the best shots. Plus, it’s wrong to invite someone and then give them a job they don’t want! To ensure everything comes out perfectly, and to prevent arguments with friends, you should hire a pro.

Talk In Detail

Wedding parties tend to hire a videographer or photographer they like and then think the job is done. Over to you, cameraman – make me look beautiful. Sadly, that’s not how it works because the man or woman behind the lens needs to understand what you expect from their services. Rule number one out of the wedding eBook is to tell them what you want, for example, the traditional first dance snap. Although it sounds obvious, every couple is different and even professionals can’t read minds.

Hire Both

Again, it’s tempting to try and cut costs by multitasking and asking a photographer to video the wedding or vice versa. Just because they have the equipment doesn’t mean they’re experts. It’s an easy mistake to make, yet you shouldn’t do it all the same. The trick is to hire two separate pros for both jobs. Then, the photos will look stunning as will the live diary of the day. The general rules apply to both, as in you need to do your research and check out their portfolio before coming to a decision.

Think About Backups

It’s incredible how many videographers turn up to a paid gig without the right equipment. Or, they have it but it breaks and there aren’t any backups. Well, that’s the night over with regarding the diary so they might as well pack up and go home. To avoid this scenario, you’re more than welcome to ask the videographer to bring replacements just in case. Indeed, some proactive couples bring their own, such as batteries and recorders. Don’t bother with the big stuff because that is why they’re getting paid.

What do you think of these killer videographer tips? Hopefully, they shot you down.