Sometimes, your regular education just doesn’t cut it. Having a person dedicated solely towards educating your offspring is more than often a great way to make sure that it has both a good basis for further education, and a window into the modern professional world. After all, you do not want anything preventing your kids from opting for a certain profession, or letting it slide, if it’s unfitting for them.

Kids learning

Making a decision

Recognizing your child’s true need for a personal tutor is the first step towards tackling future learning problems. Starting with a private teacher too soon (sometimes parents push their kids into starting as early as at the age of three) might prevent your child from learning to stand on their own two little feet. The competition for a good tutor is so high that sometimes parents do not refrain from opting for tutoring done by graduates who, while they possess some freshly obtained academic knowledge, still need to go a long way to understanding children and learning to truly feel their needs and read deeper into their behavior. The dangers of early-life-tutoring are many: by doing this, one risks overcooking their child, affecting its happiness, development and communication skills (isolation has never helped anyone). Private tutors should always be chosen carefully and after thorough asking around and trial lessons.

Private tutoring

Relationship between child and private teacher

This, however, is not to say that tutoring is bad. On the contrary, having a private teacher is something your child can easily get into. Establishing a personal relationship between a teacher who has to look after 20-something of your kid’s peers is pretty difficult, if not completely impossible. Moreover, one-on-one lessons provide your kid with thorough knowledge and usually tend to make your kid actually want to understand what is being taught to them. So good basis and complete understanding are just one of the few perks that private teachers can make sure your child experiences, so should you opt for a tutor, our suggestion is to research carefully.

Sometimes, tutoring is a thing of necessity, rather than that of choosing a better option. Big cities all around the world come with heavy workload, intense working hours and a couple of little eternities a day of commuting. Devoid of time to simultaneously provide and care for your children, private tutoring has become quite a trend in this busy modern world. For example, in New York, tutoring has become almost a rule of thumb, even for the middle class.

Give your child best education

Although it remains true that your kid needs at least a bit of regular, school education, in order to learn how to cope, live and work with its peers, it remains true that having a tutor is harmless at the worst. Just keep in mind that you want your tutor to be likable, experienced and motivating. If your kids start locking themselves inside their rooms upon hearing the tutor’s vehicle approaching, you might want to consider switching to another private teacher, rather than giving up on one-on-one lessons completely. All things considered, private tutoring remains a privilege, rather than a silver spoon in hand.