You’re about to embark on a move to your new home. It can be an overwhelming time as you think about your to-do list that is stretching out a mile long. You have to worry about packing, utilities, and transporting everything to your new home without any damage. Most importantly of all, you want to make sure your children are safe as you make this major transition for your family. Consider the following tips to make your life easier as you get ready to relocate with your little ones.


Turn to the Professionals

You’ll probably do the packing by yourself. You’ll be able to work at your own pace and be sure that everything is organized. However, turn to a professional moving company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving or someone similar when it comes to getting all of your belongings transported to your new home. You’ll be able to pay attention to your children while the movers take care of your things. Another nice perk with professional movers is that they are typically better able to avoid damage to your home and property than your family and friends are.

Count on the Help of Family and Friends

As you are loading up your household, taking the drive to the new location, and unpacking, your children can get underfoot. This especially holds true if you have young children. This is the time to recruit family and friends to keep your children occupied while you are taking care of business. Many family members will be willing to help out with your move, but you may find that even more of your acquaintances are willing to spend some time with your children while you move your possessions.

The best option would be if you could leave them at a friend’s house throughout the move. If that’s not a viable option though, you can also have someone watch over them while you handle the process at home.

Hire a Babysitter

If you don’t have friends available to watch your children, but you do have a go-to babysitter who has spent a great deal of time with your children, moving day would be a good day to bring in extra help. Your babysitter will be able to concentrate on your child’s needs while you are busy in the move. You can bring the babysitter along or you can have the children spend the day at the sitter’s until the move is over. It’s all a matter of what is most practical for you.

Camp Out When You Get to the New House

Making a move is a major change for your children. Once you’ve managed to get everything in your new home, it will be time to settle in. To help your children feel more at ease, consider camping out in the living room. Pile up the sleeping bags and pillows. Break out the popcorn. Have ice cream sundaes and watch a movie. You can make the switch to your bedrooms soon enough.

A move is a big change for everyone, especially your children. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly for your children too. Take care of their needs and you’ll ease your mind.