With so many features, smartphones these days are much more than a simple handheld device to make or receive calls. It is a repository of data which includes important emails, documents, personal photographs, useful apps, and so on. Any damage to your smartphone, in that case, it is more than just a material and a financial loss. Hence, it is important to keep your smartphones well-protected from any kind of mishaps, such as a toddler throwing it away or flinging it in the air, a sudden drop on the ground or in the water, or something as freaky as your phone flying out of your car’s  window when you apply breaks suddenly. Stylish Mobile Back Covers for mobile-phones are a great option to safeguard your phone against all types of physical or water-based damage.

Earlier, there was a limited variety of covers for smartphones, but now there’s one for each occasion. From basic mobile back-covers in solid colours to something as flashy as a Swarovski-encrusted cover, the range in terms of appearance is quite varied. But that’s not all; back-cases for smartphones vary in terms of functionality too. You may choose to protect your smartphone in a water-proof rugged back-cover while going for an adventurous excursion, or use a folio back-cover if you want to keep both the front and back side of your smartphone protected; the choices are endless.

Here’s a list of different types of back-covers for smartphones that you may choose from:

  • Tough cases: Either too much of clumsiness or a streak of bad luck, whatsoever it is, tough cases help your phone survive it all. These cases have a standard combination of an exterior made of tough polycarbonate, and an interior with a layer of silicon which helps absorb shock. The rugged texture of the case provides a better grip, so the chances of the phone slipping out of your hand also get minimized.  These are available in different color-combinations, especially in blocked patterns of colours. Though, if you are looking for something lightweight, then these relatively heavier cases are not recommended.
  • Slim or Basic Cases: These types of back-covers have the widest range of colours, prints, and patterns. The transparent and translucent versions of these cases are a good choice if you want to flaunt the design of your smartphone. These are lightweight and do not add to the overall size of your smartphone. Thus, making them easier to fit in your pocket. These types of cases if you want to keep dents and scratches away from your phone; but it cannot be relied upon when it comes to falls and drops.
  • Customized Cases: If you want to use the back cover of your mobile phone as a medium of style-statement too, then go for customised covers. Right from the material and print to fit and cut; you may choose everything that suits your taste and requirement. For example, you may get a quirky quote printed at the back of the case to flaunt the eccentric you. Similarly, a customized leather-case can be used to carry your phone to a high-level business meet.

The options are way too many, so go ahead and choose what suits you the best.

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