Back in the day, prescription eyeglasses or in simple words – eyeglasses were only used by people when they were told by their ophthalmologist to do so. That is not the case anymore though!

Prescription sunglasses are now used both as a fashion accessory as well as a solution for people who have vision problems. Even after this sudden popularity of prescription eyeglasses, some people tend to leave theirs behind when they head out.


Well, they feel uncomfortable wearing them – not because the frame is heavy or the lenses are not on par with their preferences. The reason is pretty simple – they just don’t feel the need to wear eyeglasses since, according to them, it makes them look stupid!

Okay, now since that is out of the way, it is time to take a look into some ways prescription eyeglasses can help people with vision issues to keep their eyes safe –

People with headaches and eye fatigue can benefit from eyeglasses

In the opinion of a senior optician associated with FreshForPandas, one of the leading manufacturers of prescription eyeglasses, people who regularly suffer from headaches and overall eye fatigue can benefit a lot if they start wearing their prescription eyeglasses.

The reasons are simple –

Headaches are a clear sign that the person could be having trouble with their vision since the pupils of their eyes are trying hard to adjust the amount of light entering their eyes.

This leads to squinting which further leads to the facial muscles and the muscles around the person’s eyes to remain contracted, not relaxed.

Wearing eyeglasses prescribed by one’s ophthalmologist would ensure that one’s eyes are more relaxed and have the means to correctly function thus keeping them from blinding headaches and overall eye fatigue.

Failing to wear prescription eyeglasses leads to road accidents

If a person who is prescribed by their ophthalmologist to wear prescription eyeglasses but the same chooses not to, they are keeping themselves from seeing clearly.

This can lead to dangerous situations especially when the person is doing an activity that needs utmost attentiveness, high reaction time and of course perfect vision!

Yes, the above-indicated activity is none other than driving or riding a vehicle!

If a person, with vision problems, gets behind the wheel of a car or the handlebar of a motorcycle, they are not only endangering their own life but also endangering the lives of people on the road!

Long – term side effects of not wearing prescription glasses are dire!

If a child chooses not to wear corrective glasses then this could lead to incomplete development of their eyes. Parents should ensure that their children wear their prescription lenses so that the child is kept from developing vision problems in the future.

Adults who choose not to wear their corrective lenses could worsen their vision problems. For instance, if a person is nearsighted or farsighted and chooses not to wear corrective lenses, their eyes are doing more than usual work to let the person see clearly. This puts excessive strain on the eyes muscles, optic nerves and sensitive muscles that control the pupils of the human eye. If this continues, irreversible damage to the eye of the person in question is imminent!

It is evident by now that wearing prescription eyeglasses has many benefits. It does all that it can to help protect your eyes in the long run. But, if you fail to correctly choose the lenses of your spectacles, the whole purpose fails! Hence, be sure to consult with your ophthalmologist and then to your optician for the best results.

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