No matter how well maintained a building is, when owning or managing large properties, things will break fairly regularly. While it is inevitable that some repairs will mean calling in the professionals, there is a surprising amount an industrious person can repair on their own. Having access to the right tools will make all the difference between needing to bring in an outsider and being able to handle the repair in-house. Below are some of the most critical tools to have on hand when you’re doing regular repairs for a large property.

Random Orbital Sander

When patching old and weathered wood floors or stripping off old paint, a random orbital sander is an extremely handy tool to have around. It is ideal for preparing wood for repainting or for removing the surface signs of wear and tear. While any sander will smooth out a surface, random orbital sanders can help you to get an extra smooth finish for wood, plastic, or metal. 

The work will go a little slower than with rotary sanders or other sanders. However, the surface will be smoother and more consistent than other sanders might be. Whether repairing a banged up door or touching up a worn out floor, this tool will save a property owner thousands of dollars in costly replacements.

Pressure Washer

Before buildings can be painted, or walkways properly patched and repaired, a pressure washer is essential in stripping off caked in dirt and grime. It is also a useful everyday maintenance tool, as it can also be used to clean bricks, fences, tiles, and home exteriors, among other things. Both useful and satisfying to watch in action, this is a tool that will quickly pay for itself.

Aluminum Trailer Storage Box

A good toolbox is a tool in and of itself. It can survive a lot of use and abuse without sustaining damage, and your tool will stay safe and ready for use. Likely, you have at least a small toolbox with some basic tools. However, when you’re maintaining a large property, hauling even a small toolbox around can be a hassle, especially when you need to transport other tools that might not fit in a smaller toolbox. 

To make tool transportation easier, consider a larger toolbox and a trailer. An aluminum trailer storage box will likely be better able to hold all the essential handheld tools you need for any job. It will also be able to easily transport your tools and equipment when the toolbox is attached to a trailer. Instead of having to make multiple trips, you’ll be able to take your small tools, ladders, and larger equipment with you the first time.

Shop Vacuum

Also known as a wet/dry vacuum, this is a handy tool to have in an emergency. Whether patching brick, replacing drywall, or sanding down an old banister, a shop vac is a simple way to tidy up at the end of the day. It’s also a crucial repair tool if a building experiences flooding, as it will suck the unwanted water away, allowing the space to dry more quickly and therefore avoid costly mold infestations. It can also help with minor drain clogs and other plumbing issues, as well as cleaning up dry messes such as fireplace and barbecue pit ash.

Maintaining a large property can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right tools and preparation, repairs and maintenance can be easy, and more importantly, affordable. With margins often being razor thin, these tools can mean the difference between staying on budget or being in the red, which makes them a great investment.