An ultimate luxury experience, holding a designer handbag is a symbol of style, quality and character. Comes quite pricey these symbols are not easy to buy especially when it comes to online shopping.

Though convenient than shopping at stores, online buying can be tricky and quite prone to frauds. So how can you hitch your precious handbag, without falling onto fraud of buying a fake one?

Verify the store policy

Whether you are buying online or from a store, every seller has different policies when it comes to product purchasing. There are certain regulations that are laid down by the seller related to returns, shipping and other issues that can occur while purchasing a designer handbag

Before buying a handbag online, go through company policies and conditions. Will you be able to return the product if not satisfied? How is the refund process done, does the seller provides any warranty or repair service?

Be clear about the store policy

By being vigilant about the store policy, it will prevent any kind of hassle and dispute later on; also, it helps in making shopping online process easy and smooth.

Check seller feedback

Every company sings its praises, but a customer will not be biased on sharing their opinion on a product. A seller cannot manipulate what kind of feedback or images a customer gives, regarding the experience of buying a product from them, on an online portal.

Before shopping, check the feedback provided by the customer that would make your decision easy whether or not you should go for buying that product. Dig through all the reviews, how they respond when it comes to returns and what kind of quality they are offering for a handbag.

What if, most of the reviews are bad?

If the majority of the reviews are negative then it can only mean that seller cannot be trusted and might be selling low-quality material, might have poor services and may be dealing with fake handbags. It is always advisable to avoid buying from such a portal and spare yourself of a bad experience.

If the reviews are positive

If reviews are positive then you should go ahead for buying a handbag from the seller. If there are few negative feedbacks are also present, look for the issue they might have faced, it might be related to the handbag or its quality. Another important aspect is how the company handled the issues, keep in check whether the seller resolved the issue or not. This will reflect their services.

Research everything you can about the bag you want to buy

The price offered by the store

Check what is the original price of the handbag as opposed to the price displayed on the online portal. A seller might offer you some discount but if they are offering very low price then there are chances that the handbags might be counterfeit

Features of the bag you are interested in 

Know your handbag dimensions, material, hardware or any other feature that should confirm that you are buying a right handbag before ordering online. This will help you in verifying the authenticity of the handbag. If possible, visit the store or do some online research, in this manner you will know details about the handbag you want to buy.

The brand

Most of the designer handbags do not sell their handbag on an online portal or third party shopping site, so if a seller claims to sell a brand then walk away there are high chances of it being fake. Be aware of the brands that sell or does not sell their handbags online.

Ask and gather more information

Be informed about the handbag that you are about to buy. If you are thinking of buying a women satchel bag, then gather information, ask questions to the seller, see their records related to the selling of bag, look for images and reviews posted by the customer.

By being informed about buying branded handbags online, you will have an insight on whether to trust the seller, product and their services or not.

Trust your decision

Explore all your options before choosing one. It is easy to be excited about owning a designer handbag but while purchasing online you have ensured that you have taken the right decision. It is okay to let go of a handbag just because something about the seller service does not fit. Always trust your gut and buy only when you feel that its a genuine deal.

Wrapping up: Things to take care while shopping online

 Is the money worth spending?

A designer handbag can be very pricey, make sure while buying that whether the bag you are about to buy is worth spending that much money.

Is there any chance of resale?

Calculate that the handbag you are buying comes with a good resale price.

Financial shield

A designer handbag works as an investment, which you can later use in time of financial crunch. However, it only works if you have purchased an authentic bag.


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