Katie Holmes is an American actress and model who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on the WB television teen drama Dawson’s Creek from the year 1998 to 2003.

At present times, Katie has become a world-renowned hairstylist for the women and has carved a niche for herself on the international front. She provides easy ‘’How to style’’ tips as well as letting you know about which hairstyle will suit your facial features and help you groom your hair likewise. She also helps you to select the color and the texture of your hair according to your face. So let’s check out some of the best Katie Holmes haircuts:

Of all the famous hair cuts that are offered by Katie in her salons, we will discuss a few of them that are more commonly preferred by the ladies in the west. The first hair cut that we will discuss is the famous feather cut. In this hair cut the tresses of the lady are cut in a very random way so as to give them an appearance of the ruffled feathers of a bird. You will not be able to find out a single step in this hairstyle as the haircut is done in a very step-less manner. The hairs are short in the front and the front top of the head and gradually get longer towards the back of the head and towards the back neck. This is a very suitable hair cut for the long-faced ladies and it gives volume and pounce to their hair.

The next famous hair cut on the list is the famous step cut for the ladies who are blessed with round features on their faces. In step cutting, as the name denotes, the hairs are cut in a step manner. The hairs are held between the forefinger and the middle finger and then are cut with the pair of scissors. This action starts from the top of the head and goes towards the bottom or the back of the head. The hairs seem as though they have been cut in resemblance to a flight of steps. You can easily identify the steps that are made during the cutting of the hair. Once a week has been passed after getting the step cut then the actual beauty of the hair cut emerges to the beholder. This is very common and most sought after hairstyle in Europe and Central America.

The next hair cut on our agenda is the cute boy cut. This hair cut as the name denotes is used by the girls who have a tomboy type of lifestyle or for the ladies who are sportswomen or are serving in the forces. The hair cut is done in a way so that the girl gives a boyish look. The hair is cropped in a very short fashion and the looks are as though they are the looks of a boy. Some ladies prefer a strand of hair that drops on the forehead so as to give them a naughty look, which is also a part of the blind cut for the ladies.