Luxury Trains in India can be an experience of a lifetime for several people. Those who would like to plan a retirement holiday must engage in these Indian Luxury Trains once in their life. It is not only the comfort but also it takes you back to the olden day’s age. Like they say ‘Old is Gold’ these luxury trains make you feel like you are a king or a queen. People in the olden days who would travel in these trains were generally from an aristocratic background. These days, it is the business class and the richer lot who can afford such trips.

There are also the regal people of ancient India who travel in these Luxury Trains in India. They bear the essence of the rich heritage of our country that is devoid in today’s busy world. We find the servers draped in traditional Indian attire with a headdress called ‘turban’ and sometimes a shiny piece of cloth up on their shoulders. When you think Luxury Trains in India then the best and first one to select will be the Maharajas Express. This is its collaboration with IRCTC. The Maharajas Express only runs in a specific time frame and on certain tracks.

The Maharajas Express Operational Routes

There are amazing packages for the Maharajas Express Luxury Train in India. There are the latest facilities and world class service. The journey in the Maharajas Express train is worth the expensive price tag that comes along. This is known as the most expensive luxury train journey in the world. During the eight nights and seven days stay it covers destinations like Mumbai to Vadodara to Udaipur to Jodhpur to Bikaner to Jaipur to Ranthambore to Agra then to Delhi. One special highlight of the Maharajas Express is its Rajah Club with the bar. The moving luxury express is fitted with latest LCDs, internet, dial phone and a generator too. It focuses more on North Western & Central India and is mostly in the state of Rajasthan during the months of October to April. It travels a total of five circuits with almost a dozen destinations.

Maharajas Express

The Maharajas Express Dining Cars

A total of 42 passengers can be seated comfortably at once. Diners have a royal dining experience aboard The Maharajas Express. The Rang Mahal in the Maharajas Express has a shimmery and glittery look as its name suggests. Seating 42 guests at once the Rang Mahal also serves guests an electric melange world cuisine. The time to enjoy the Safari Bar that is a relaxation lounge bar located in the Luxury Train of India. Apart from the stocked up bar there are exciting snacks and crackles that you can much on. The Mayur Mahal is a place to rewind and maybe share the day’s tit-bids with one another. There are also international wine and liquor brands available in the 2 dining cars besides en-suite private dining, a-la-carte and table – d’hote meals.

When you are thinking of a luxury holiday spot, why not think about the Luxury Trains in India.